Even your favorite shorts can’t compete with this lineup of camo pants, wide-leg trousers, and dependable denim.

Summer vacation checklist: Sunscreen, check. Shades, check. Pants, check. You might think we’re crazy for suggesting you pack pants in your suitcase when traveling to an exotic, sun-drenched destination — but hear us out. When you discover the secret category of summer pants for women, you’ll be choosing coverage over cut whenever the occasion calls for a little more sophistication (or, more importantly for vacation-goers, practicality).


Lightweight, breezy, and comfortable, they’re specifically designed for keeping you cool and collected in soaring temperatures. It’s not just the wide-leg silhouettes of camo pants that allow for effortless style under the sun, but even tailored trousers can be reinvented in breathable fabrics like linen, silk, and cotton to offer maximum comfort while keeping your look sharp. Plus, if you never leave the house without wearing your trusty pair of denim, there are several slouchier styles on the market to provide you with some relief in the midday heat.


The best part about these versatile pants is that they blend seamlessly with any standard summer outfit; pair them with sunnies, sandals, and tank tops just like you would with a flowing sundress or short shorts.


Heading to the beach? Summer pants are never off-limits, and they look surprisingly stylish when teamed with swimwear. If you need convincing on this one, take it from Hailey Bieber, who was seen spotted on the sand wearing Céline’s signature wide-leg trousers with a petal-pink bikini top and flat-top sunglasses.


So. whether you’re preparing to go on a Mediterranean adventure, planning a more relaxing staycation, or simply basking in the heat at home — we’ve got a style to suit all occasions. Keep reading to discover the best summer pants for women and how to style them.

Summer Pants #1: Camo

For laid-back beach babes who love a bit of practicality, camo pants for women are a foolproof option. These lightweight summer pants or “cargo pants” allow your skin to breathe while protecting it from harmful UV rays, and their iconic utilitarian design provides you with plenty of pockets for you to store all the summer essentials (sunscreen, sunglasses, cell phone, etc.).


Even better news: women’s camo pants have made the ultimate comeback in recent years which means that you don’t have to sacrifice style over functionality. The LA-based clothing brand Sanctuary suggests that you throw on a black or white tank top and strappy sandals to create a casual vibe when hitting the bar, and you can also slip into a pair of heels and grab a cute clutch when you want to take your look up a notch.

Summer Pants #2: Linen

When it comes to picking out the perfect summer pants, bear in mind that linen will always be a seasonal staple because of its breathable qualities and endless styling possibilities. While pairing them with a bikini top and an oversized beach bag is the obvious choice when chilling at the coast, never underestimate the element of sophistication linen pants can bring to your eveningwear. Commonly crafted in white, beige, and khaki, this light and flowing fabric gains a more polished appearance when cut into crisp wide-leg trousers or tailored pants.

Summer Pants #3: Loose Jeans

If you’re struggling to cut denim from your closet, we have just the solution. Enter mom jeans. Not to be confused with your dear mother’s cast-offs from the nineties, these denim pants are seriously in style right now. They’re a happy medium between your reliable high-waisted skinnies and cropped camo pants, and even better — they’ll go with just about anything.


If, like us, you worship Rachel Green’s fashion choices (a trend-setting style icon from the TV sitcom Friends), wear a tight tank to balance the bagginess of these slouchy-fitted jeans. Or, if you want to be cooler (in both senses of the word), opt for styles that are ripped at the knees, and slide on some flip-flops or sneakers that will only add to the laid-back aesthetic.

Summer Pants #4: Wide-Leg

Wide-leg pants are the trend we’ve long awaited to return since they peaked in the so-called hippie era. These flattering and now fashion-forward pants are available in countless fabrics, depending on how much breathability is required for your summer activities.


Reach for denim if you’re heading to an air-conditioned museum or mall, or wear some wide-leg camo pants with a bikini top poolside for a classic vacation look. Fashion bloggers from slamXhype are also a fan of this broader style, adding that light colors, summery patterns, and flowy designs are all must-haves when selecting your wide-leg pants this season.

Summer Pants #5: Silk

Save your silk pants for evenings that demand extravagance. Sleek, sexy, and seductively soft against your skin, they give your look luxe appeal while simultaneously keeping you cool enough to not break a sweat as you wine and dine. Set yourself apart from the crowd by dressing like a QUEEN with gold silk trousers paired with a black lace top and open-toe heels.


If you’re looking for even more coverage in the form of a jacket that won’t take away from the elegance of silk pants, you can take some inspiration from The New York Times’ retro guide to refreshing a summer wardrobe, which suggests that a lightweight safari jacket in white cotton is the ultimate “useful summer purchase” that pairs effortlessly with silk trousers. This timeless ensemble is perfect for putting together a simple yet chic outfit when there’s a slight breeze.

The Takeaway: Pants Belong in Your Summer Closet

From casual camo pants and loose-fitted denim to sleek silk trousers and flowing wide-leg styles, we hope you’re feeling inspired when packing your suitcase for your next beach vacation! Pants have evolved over time to earn their well-deserved place in your seasonal closet, and there is an abundance of styles to get you summer-ready in 2022. If you still need convincing, you can find us wearing them while sipping cocktails poolside!