Suspended reality: A user’s guide to dissociatives

A suspended reality is known as a feeling or experience by people when they try to escape their present problems. Suspended reality is a phenomenon that is usually attributed to drug users.

Many people take recreational drugs to be able to escape their current realities. By current realities, we mean problems or issues that are true but unacceptable. People who do not want to accept their realities are usually guilty of taking recreational drugs. A good example of a recreational drug that induces a feeling of suspended reality is a dissociative.

Known as dissociatives, these are drugs that people take due to their ability to mentally detach them from their current realities. A dissociative drugs will temporarily create a feeling of detachment from your environment or self.

Dissociative drugs are a category of hallucinogens that are used to distort feelings of sound and sight. This means that they are drugs that are powerful enough to distort what we feel and see. These types of drugs can easily help detach us from our immediate environment in a process known as dissociation. The process of dissociation can also mean a detachment from the self.

When it comes to dissociation, there are a lot of drugs that are able to perform such a function. However, dissociative drugs also called dissociatives are highly unique. They are able to create feelings of detachment in such a way that they create hallucinogenic effects that can include:

  • Anaesthesia,
  • Dream-like feelings,
  • Hallucinations,
  • Dissociation, and
  • Sensory deprivation

Some of these drugs have a way of working that affects the opioid and dopamine systems, that can easily induce euphoria. A lot of dissociatives are used generally as depressants. They are useful for producing effects known to be produced by depressants. This means that they are able to create various effects like:

  • Amnesia,
  • Memory impairment,
  • Cognitive impairment,
  • Ataxia,
  • Anaesthesia,
  • Analgesia,
  • Respiratory depression, and
  • Sedation

Medical applications of dissociatives

Dissociatives are known for their effects of detachment otherwise known as dissociation. This important property can be used in medical applications to ensure smooth clinical procedures. A long list of dissociatives like ketamine are usually applied as anesthetics to be used for pain relief or surgery in hospitals and various medical environments. Then again, these drugs are known for their psychotomimetic effects. So, they are used reluctantly. By psychotomimetic effects, we mean that dissociatives are capable of mimicking the symptoms usually associated with psychosis. Such symptoms include delirium and delusions, compared to only feelings of hallucinations. So, the psychotomimetic effects are the reason dissociatives are being used sparingly in medical applications. There are some other morphine-based dissociatives that are used to suppress coughing in patients.

Another possible dissociative is Ketamine. The usefulness of the substance as a quick antidepressant is currently being studied. And it seems to be showing promising results. It is also able to function as a palliative treatment for chronic pain and compkex post traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD).

Dissociatives for recreational use

Due to their powerful detachment effects, dissociatives are used by casual users for recreational purposes. Nitrous oxide and Ketamine are known as club drugs. These are party drugs that are used at EDM parties, night clubs, Molly birthday parties, raves, and dance clubs. Angel dust or Phencyclidine (PCP) are known street drugs that are illegally abused by addicts. There are other cough syrups that contain Dextromethorphan often called as DXM which are consumed by certain users in unusually high amounts than the recommended dosages. People take DXMs and other similar substances because of their dissociative properties. Additionally, users have also abused diethyl ether and chloroform recreationally at parties. Nitrous oxide is usually used recreationally at laughing gas gatherings and parties.


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