Swimwear for the season 2021: what styles are in fashion?

The hot season of 2021 prepared many surprises for beach lovers and armed fashionistas with the most daring ideas for spectacular catwalks along the coast. What models entered the TOP of this summer? Let’s figure it out.


The designers decided not to limit us in the choice of styles, offering a wide variety. In the current selection, there is fashionable swimwear for every taste and leisure option: the most revealing bikinis for a stunning tan and stylish closed-top sets for parties, yachting, and other options for more formal resort leisure. So, attention to trendy styles.

Classic: Maillot Swimwear

The basic one-piece model is always in trend because on its basis so many design solutions can be embodied. Every season, couturiers enthusiastically experiment with classic maillot. Summer 2021 is no exception: this year, fashion masters are convincing to rely on a bold print. The following drawings are in trend:

  • exotic animalism;
  • colorful abstraction;
  • tropical vegetation;
  • discreet stripe.

Similar prints adorn trendy noor by saadia asad this warm season. Take note.

Prefer monochrome bows on vacation? In this case, you can add variety to the simple style of mayo with bindings, decorative tiles, and even corset weaving. A pinch of medieval Gothic will look especially impressive under the scorching spa sun.

Plunge with retro fleur

The low-cut model will make you look like a Hollywood star from the 50s. In such dresses, the movie stars drank champagne at parties, waved to mere mortals from convertibles, drove the gentlemen crazy. Now it’s your turn to make a stellar impression.

Models with an open back and high cutouts at the hips are especially good. This one piece bodysuit forever 21 can be solid or combined.

Custom monokini

At one time, the model was invented for a cool tan like in a bikini, but in a more discreet format. A swimsuit that hides the belly and exposes the back is chosen for its versatility. It is one piece and separates at the same time, which means it combines the advantages of both cut solutions. This year, a swimsuit with a cutout on the belly is gaining special popularity.

Monokini with the following connection is relevant:

  • a strip of fabric;
  • bindings and ribbons;
  • translucent lace or mesh insert;
  • ring;
  • strings.

Bikini for the daring

Another version of the classic does not go out of fashion: an open bikini. It will make you the owner of a flawless tan and a whole collection of rapturous looks. Modern micro swimwear is much more modest than it was in the 90s but still very seductive.

Bikinis are relevant in colorful incarnations. These are sets with predatory prints, in flowers, with abstraction.

Draped models

Swimwear with ruffles, flounces, ties, frills remains mega-popular this season. Drapery may be present:

  • at the bodice neckline;
  • on the belt;
  • on shoulders;
  • in the center;
  • On the sides.

Such bows, as a rule, are presented in monochromatic, but saturated shades. It is a deep emerald, purple, crimson, blue, coral.

Unusual asymmetry

Breaking standards is a favorite topic of geniuses. That is why couturiers are so eager to experiment with asymmetry. One-shoulder swimsuits with cutouts and wrap-around are at their peak. Such solutions look most advantageous in monochrome solutions. And for one-shoulder swimwear, many designers have chosen animal prints. Coincidence?


Focus on the features of your physique and do not chase trends. Although in the selection of current fashion recommendations there was a place for a variety of styles – complete freedom of choice.

Mayo is not the only swimsuit option that slims down. Such a “superpower” is also possessed by a properly cut monokini with a wide insert in the front. High-waisted trunks will help to hide the bulging tummy. For large breasts, a halter top is recommended.

Strapless models are suitable for slender women of fashion, as well as classic bikinis with a lot of bindings. Swim shorts should open up the belly or have high cutouts on the thighs.


First of all, you need a stylish beach cape. You can choose a pareo, a tunic or even a robe. A hat must be placed on the head so that the face, neck, and décolleté area do not burn out. Eyeglasses to protect the temples from crow’s feet. Choose your shoes carefully. Flip-flops should be not only beautiful but also comfortable so that you can walk on the sand.

By Alex D