With over 300 termite and bug varieties in Australia, no person is safe, and it is very important to be able to detect a pest and recognize the damage they create. Via our work at Termite Inspection Adelaide, we’ve experienced many different species and can determine them by what damage they trigger and the appropriate activities required to treat them. Right here are some usual parasites and how to recognize them and their damage.


Lyctus brunneus (powder post beetle):

This is a common borer of woods often discovered in the framing lumbers of structures in Adelaide. Damages to scantling are commonly along sides and sides where it can appear to be serious. However, the heartwood majority of effectively rated service wood is immune to this borer and generally keeps the wood’s structural stability. You can validate your I.D. with the finger rub test. Tidy, blonde and smooth like ‘talc’ indicates Lyctus borer. If doubtful, send us a picture close to the damage.

Action required:

No action is normally required for these borers in mounting hardwoods. Nonetheless, if the damages end up lumbers such as brightened wood flooring boards, then substituting the private board with properly graded timber is the regular treatment.

Annobium punctatum (furnishings beetle):

This borer infests softwoods such a Baltic yearn and likes older wood over brand-new. The characteristic squiggles and dots are familiar to citizens of many older houses, who mostly cope with it. This borer is slowly dynamic and fails private boards due to a piano or table leg stress prevails, and personal board replacement is typical. This borer has frass that is crude like salt, which you can confirm with your finger scrub examination. If doubtful, send out a photo close up of damages.

Action needed:

Chemical therapy can be partly efficient but needs to accessibility both sides of the hardwood without varnish or paint. This is typically not possible. Nevertheless, it might be the most effective service if a significant infestation is rapidly boosting. Regional replacement with new (a lot more resistant) timber is the recommended action. If portable things such as furnishings are plagued, these can be required to the fumigators at the docks. A craftsmen’s remedy of covering in black plastic and leaving in full sun for three days is believed to be efficient.

Termite Damages:

Termites create severe damage to buildings and require to be recognized and ‘managed’ by a specialist. If you think that you may have located proof of termites in or near a structure, you must not rely on website guidance. You ought to rather request an assessment by a professional instantly. It may be helpful to take a close-up picture with your phone and send it to us using this website. We will react to you promptly throughout company hrs. This may help reduce ‘false alarms’.

  • Some concerns need to be answered in taking care of the termite danger.
  • Are termites still energetic and damaging my building, or could the damage be from an old infestation.?
  • Even if termites are not active today, what is safeguarding the structure from more termites in the future?
  • These questions require to be addressed by a seasoned termite specialist.

Action required:

  • Do not break, touch or break open any suspect damages.
  • Do not spray chemicals or fly spray.

You should request a termite inspection and a composed record, consisting of a termite management plan if necessary. This company gives this service. Keep in mind- where it is uncertain if termite damages are active or otherwise, an examination (that you spend for) is recommended over our free termite evaluation.