The Benefits of Buying a Fake ID card Online

Buying a fake id has become a simple process with the advancement in technology. In the past, getting the right quality in your fake id was difficult. You had to design or make the id on personally. If not, you could get another person to do it but relying on them meant getting a poor design.

However, the design process has become one of the most celebrated techniques by young people. Fake id websites have the essential equipment needed to print a fake id. The sites use quality materials when designing and printings, ensuring the fake idmatch regular Government Issue ids.

The fake id’s quality is one of the reasons buying using online sites is a preferable choice. However, it would be best if you also differentiated between legal and illegal sites. Fraudulent sites will steal from you from a legitimate site that will deliver a quality fake id. A reputable site provides several benefits to its potential, regular and loyal users. These benefits include:


Remaining anonymous and maintaining your private life is fundamental for many fake id applicants. People applying for a fake id are underage and having all of their information plastered out for all to see is not advisable. Plus, if fake ids become traceable, you can get into serious trouble with the law.

IDGod.ph only asks for a valid email address in the shipping portfolio. The address is useful when shipping your already designed fake ids plus their duplicates. Any other information or details entered are make-belief. However, we do advise using details that are easy to remember. For instance, you can mix names using your best friends and alter your regular address a little for remembrance.

These details should be correct and match your description regarding factors such as height, weight, eye, or hair color. It will help validate your fake id with a simple glance. All these do not appear in the package that IDGod.ph sends out to deliver your fake id. The box is often unmarked and can be a photo frame, travel stamps with pictures, or anything else. However, it does not advertise it’s from IDGod.ph.

Payments follow a simple process. Paying cash is advisable, depending on the site you are using. However, IDGod.ph prefers Western Union payments. These are anonymous and are challenging to track. You can also use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make payments to these fake id websites. These are also convenient and work fast.

Top-notch designs and quality

Fake id providers use up to date equipment to design, print, and prepare your phony id. The sites incorporate the latest security features present on legal issue id cards. Every element has a specific design and quality to it. Don’t forget that different states have different security features. Therefore, always review templates for your state id before buying.

At IDGod.ph, our security features are top-notch. We equip fake id cards with scannable barcodes allowing you to pass through scanning devices. Some get holograms depending on which state the phony id design you purchase. These id cards may not be for use in high-end places, but they can get you into any place you need to go.

Some security features include magnetic stripes containing user information for employee cards. Others have a reflective strip, scannable QR codes, and much more. Depending on your fake id’s design and use, it is essential always to request or suggest these security features. Custom-made designs can cost more, but the price is dependent on the online site you are using.

IDGod.ph has friendly fake id prices. Do not purchase fake ids from any site you come across. Always do your research and get them from the best.

You can get any fake document

Many online providers provide a wide range of fake documents, not just fake ids. Most can also design and deliver phony driver’s licenses that rival one from the DMV. If you love fishing, get a boat license and a fishing license completely fake from an online fake id website.

In most cases, the DMV takes longer to process and deliver licenses to the people. Having a fake can save you from waiting time and losing customers who purchase your products. If you need a fishing license, a few clicks on your laptop on the internet will deliver a fishing license within a fortnight.

Quality customer support

Most fake id online sites value their customers. The sites only provide email addresses for the customer to use and reach them. The main reason behind this is ensuring anonymity. However, they respond to customer requests and direct their clients on the right paths. The response does not delay.

The sites like IDGod.ph also provides frequently asked questions sections. Here, the sites list possible questions a client might have. The section provides more information about the website, including the ordering and payment processes.  

Apart from the FAQs section and the emails, clients can also track their orders using their accounts on IDGod.ph. You can track your shipment until it reaches you, and you know when to expect the fake id card almost right to the day and hour. The site communicates any delays expected during shipment or the processing for the fake id. Delays may include incorrect errors initiated by the clients a change in the order you place.


Placing an order and buying a fake id is a straightforward process. But, potential users need to ensure that the process remains private or anonymous. Confidentiality protects the client and the online website.

You need to select the right fake id or document you need prepared. Review the prices, shipping addresses, fake id content, and many more. It will make it easier to use and remember what data you used on your fake id.

Online platforms such as IDGod.ph are convenient, hassle-free, and deliver quality products. The website is reputable and has many positive reviews from loyal customers. You can get premium id card designs and rest assured of quality security features. Your fake id from IDGod.ph is the best!

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