If you are in the hospitality industry, valet software can help you streamline your operations and make your customers’ experiences more convenient. Not only does it benefit you to have ticketless valet, payments, and more handled by this software, but your customers will be happier because they won’t need to wait in long lines and keep track of their tickets. Take a look at some of the major benefits of valet hospitality parking software


What Is Valet Hospitality Software?

You can use valet hospitality parking software to improve your valet parking, reduce labor and damage claims, and give your customers the best possible service. It is a digital tool that replaces your paper and other processes, and it tracks customer information, the availability of parking spots, payments, and more. 


For your guests, they can use features such as SMS alerts, online payments, and ticketless valet. This makes the entire experience more convenient for guests and keeps your business more organized while increasing revenue.


The Benefits of Valet Hospitality Software


There are a number of benefits to valet hospitality parking software. This set of mobile and desktop tools will help you streamline your valet parking business and make life easier for your customers. 


  1. It Makes the Experience More Convenient for Guests

When customers go to hotels, airports, restaurants, and any business in the hospitality industry, they have an overall impression of the experience. The experience starts and ends with valet parking. There are a number of features that customers love. They can take advantage of ticketless valet, which provides a contactless experience, improves customer satisfaction, and supports mobile credit card payment. 


  1. You Have Information at Your Fingertips

When you use valet hospitality parking software, you can check in on your customers, track your drivers, and make sure that your customer service is great. You can monitor vehicle requests, and then deliver the information to your attendants. This makes it easy for them to have the customers’ vehicles ready when they come to pick them up. 


  1. Customers Can Pay by Phone

Customers can pay when they are ready to retrieve their vehicles, and you will have an accurate record of your transactions. The valet hospitality parking software can take different forms of payment, offer discounts, and allows you to choose the rate structure that is best for your business. Your attendants won’t need to handle the cash, and you will have records of all of the transactions that take place. 


  1. You Can Keep Photo Records of Any Damage

Another feature of this software is that you can document the condition of vehicles as they come into your valet parking business. This helps to protect you against fraudulent claims by customers. You will have pictures that have the time, date, ticket number, location, and more, which will help you make sure that any claims are legitimate. 


  1. It Offers Ticketless Valet

When you use this software, you can offer your customers ticketless valet. In addition, it uses Valexa, which is the first valet parking skill developed to work with Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant. This allows you to connect valet to other departments in your establishment, so customers can use Valexa to retrieve their vehicles. 


  1. You Can Use Customer Request Kiosks

If you want to offer even more convenience to your customers, you can use Customer Request Kiosks where they can pay for their parking and request their vehicles. These kiosks can process multiple forms of payments and apply discounts. They can provide feedback on the vehicle status, the time it can be retrieved, and more. It comes as a kiosk or a tablet that can be installed on a desktop or in a wall.


  1. It Offers Pay-by-Phone

Your customers can pay by phone without having to download an app. It can securely process credit cards, and you earn revenue from convenience fees. The software will keep the customer phone numbers private, and the process supports validations. Customers can also add gratuities if they want to. 


  1. Customers Don’t Need to Keep Track of a Ticket

One of the customers’ favorite features is the fact that they don’t need to keep track of a ticket. This allows you to create a valet business that is completely contactless. You save money because you don’t need to print out tickets, and it reduces situations with lost claim checks. In addition, you won’t have to deal with lost claim checks. It is easier to retrieve vehicles, and customers are always happier with the service. 


  1. It Supports Online Reservations

You can integrate the valet parking software with other reservation software, which helps you drive revenue and enhances your contactless environment. You don’t have to worry about cash, tickets, or other items, and it makes it easier to handle early departures or late arrivals. 


Final Thoughts

If you are in the hospitality industry, using valet hospitality software can make a huge difference. It will increase your revenue and improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with a convenient and seamless experience. 

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