First place shooter games are the epic battle games in which the two teams go against each other. They are different from single-player games in which the players kill their enemy with a headshot or by attacking them with bombs and shells.

They are based on historical battlegrounds, and they also include the weapons which were part of those battles. Game centered upon the gun, and other weapons in the perspective of the first person. It is a class of video games that impart regular qualities to other shooter games, which thus makes it fall under the heading of fighting games.

In the first-person shooter game, the player encounters the activity through the eyes off the protagonist. It visually appealing it is created with pseudo-3D graphics.
Here is a list of first place shooter games for 2020

Call of Duty

It is one of the best-selling first place shooter games inspired by world war-II. It is an electronic game that brought advances to the first place shooter games. In this game, the players have to stimulate an actual war against their enemies and it has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

In multiplayer mode, the player performs in a group, and they start a war with their opponents and it seems like the war is happening in real.

The game is originally based on world war-II and is divided into two-three series. In this game, a CIA officer with his team combat together and go against the Russian forces. Counter Striker: Global Offensive

It is a multiplayer first place shooter game in which two teams go against each other. One is the team of terrorists, and the other is of counter strikers. Both are supposed to knock each other out while performing their particular tasks. But mainly they have to kick each other out of the game.

The terrorist team has to plant a bomb in the area of counter strikers, and also have to protect the hostages. On the other hand, the counter strikers have to protect themselves from the attack of terrorist which they can do by preventing the plantation of the bomb or by defusing before it explodes. They also have to rescue the hostages from the terrorist team.

There are nine modes of CSGO and in each mode, both the teams have to fight for their survival. The team who wins more rounds survives the game.

Team Fortress 2

It is a sequel of team fortress and is a famous first place shooter game. There are two teams in this game one is the team red and the other is the team blue. The player can join any of them and is completely up to him or her. In different modes of the game both the teams have to compete for a battle-based objective.

There are nine characters in this game and the player can select any one of them. Each character is having its own characteristics, and features. Each one of them has its own weakness and strength.  You can check character count of these games by using character counter tool.

They have different unique qualities and different weapons sets. All the characters of one team have to cooperate with each other by using their individual qualities for the accomplishment of their goal.


It was initially thought to be a horror game but is basically a first place shooter game with a gunfight in a cinematic way. It gives you the feel of a fighting movie in which the walls, and windows are breaking down around you. The gunfights are visually spectacular with smoke following shots.

The slow-mo switch during fights simply makes it even more emotional and gives you an actual feel of a fighting movie. It has probably the most important weapons, and all are memorable especially the 10mm HV Penetrator. It spits the spikes of steel and can bring enemies to the floor.
It is one of the most interesting games with a little aspect of horror, but the players enjoy playing it gives the feel of a movie.