The exciting and thrilling activities that you experience in desert safari Dubai:

We all know that Dubai is considered the most luxurious city in the entire world. It is because of the nightlife, Persian gulf, night shows, shopping, and many more things. But the thing that is different and unique is the desert safari Dubai. The experience of performing thrilling activities and spending the entire night in the Arabian desert is unique and exciting. In the Dubai desert safari, you can experience many thrilling activities like quad biking, sandboarding, dune bashing, and many more. So, in this article, we will tell you about all the activities that you can experience in the Dubai desert safari. If you plan a trip to the Dubai desert, you are in the right place. You need to know everything about the trip. 


Activities you can perform in desert safari Dubai:


There are too many activities that you can perform in the desert safari Dubai. If it is your first time, you need to know about all the activities you can perform. So, the desert safari Dubai includes:


Catch the beautiful view of sunrise:


If you want to experience the beautiful sunrise view, then the Arabian desert is the best place for you. It produces golden rays that increase the beauty of the dunes. Other than this, it is the best time to take some fantastic pictures. If you are a photography lover, it is the best activity to experience.  


Dune bashing:


You can experience the 4×4 vehicle ride through the sand and the vast dunes in the dune bashing activity. It is considered the most exciting and thrilling activity of Dubai’s desert safari. The 4×4 vehicle picks you up from your location and provides you with a ride for 30 minutes. 


Camel ride:


If you don’t want to experience the thrilling activities, then the camel ride is the best activity. It is also called the morning camel safari. In this ride, you have the opportunity to explore the Arabian desert with the help of a camel. The next thing is that you can also take some amazing pictures to capture all the beautiful moments. 




The next activity that you can perform is sandboarding. It is also an exciting activity; in this, you have to slip down through the dunes with the help of a unique board. If you know how to do snowboarding, it is the best activity you should perform. Here in the Arabian desert, you will find the 200 to 300 meter high dunes, and this thing will double your enjoyment. 


Hot air ballooning and quad biking:


The following activity is the hot air balloon; it provides you with a 360-degree view of the entire desert. However, the hot air balloon can hold 20 to 24 persons simultaneously. This is the best chance for you to explore the Arabian desert uniquely.


If we talk about quad biking, it is also considered the most thrilling activity. If you love bikes, this activity is the best option for you. In this activity, you have the opportunity to ride your bike around the high dunes and explore the desert like a pro. 


Sunset view:


Same as the sunrise, it is also a beautiful view that you should experience. Too many people want to see the charm of sunset. The orange rays of the sun give an amazing and unique look to the sand. However, you can also take some amazing pictures to capture the beautiful view of the sunset. So, we recommend you not to miss this view. 


Live entertainment shows:


After performing all the thrilling activities, you have the opportunity to enjoy the live entertainment shows. It includes the belly dance, Tanura dance, and also fire shows. You will find the professionals who perform these fantastic shows. If you don’t want to experience the thrilling activities, then these shows are the best option to enjoy the desert safari. 


Buffet Dinner:


Dubai cuisine is famous for its mouth-watering taste. The buffet dinner includes different dishes like kebabs, Iranian dishes, and Lebanese dishes. Other than this, the BBQ dinner is also included. In this, you will find both veg and non-veg dishes. It is the best chance for you to enjoy dinner with your family and friends in the desert. 


Overnight safari:


Overnight safari is also another fantastic desert safari. In this desert safari Dubai you can experience thrilling activities at night time. After performing all the activities, you have the opportunity to spend the entire night in the desert under the clear sky with the shining stars. 




After reading the entire article, I hope you know everything about the Dubai desert safari and its activities. So, all the activities are unique and thrilling but remember that if you have a health problem, ignore the thrilling activities. The next thing is don’t overheat before the thrilling activities; it might be possible that you will feel uncomfortable. If you find this article helpful, then share this with other people. 

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