The four tips for the perfect carpenter

No matter how magical your own four walls are: at some point you will find a living need that only a carpenter can implement for you. 


For example, the unused space in your sloping roof. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could use it for storage? But maybe you are a book lover who wants to use the 3-meter-high ceilings to hoard the treasures? Neither Billy nor Ivar are suitable for this.


Carpenters tømrer can also do kitchen construction, ceiling and wall paneling and all kinds of special furniture for you.


In this article you will find four tips to help you identify good carpenter offers.

The duties of a carpenter

With the profession of carpenter, you will certainly bring that first and foremost building furniture in connection. This task is one of the basic activities of the craftsman.


The services of the Carpenter company (tømrerfirma) depend on the specialization of the joinery. Many carpenters have specialized in interior design windows, doors and stairs to build. The individual parts are made in the carpentry shop, and the final assembly will then take place at your place.


But a carpenter is also capable individual kitchen facilities and fronts made of wood or beautiful one’s ceiling and wall coverings to manufacture. But the main business is certainly with the furniture.

Cabinet maker

Whether it’s boxes, tables, seating or reclining furniture – a good furniture joinery will convert all your interior design wishes into wood. Because such jobs are so common, here’s an in-depth look at them.


Cabinetmakers can do for you:

  • Furniture restores, repair or maintain
  • Unique furniture tailor
  • structural particularities take into account (sloping ceilings or unusual room layouts)


Normally, a cabinet maker masters all areas of his work. For special orders However, it makes sense to hire a cabinet maker who specializes in just such carpentry work.

The cost of carpenters

It is impossible to give a general estimate of the prices of cabinetmakers, as the requirements of cabinetmakers and the furniture to be built are too different. The most important price factors are:

  • working hours/Price per hour (prices range from 495 kr. to 749 kr.).
  • kind work; Delicate work is more expensive
  • travel expenses
  • material (Solid wood is about three times more expensive than veneer).
  • Do you need the furniture deliver and build up drop it off or can you pick it up yourself?


The hourly wage from carpenters is between 495 kr. to 749 kr. The price depends on education and expertise. 


In the material selection you can expect solid wood to cost about three times as much as veneer.

Compare joinery

Carpenters usually calculate fixed prices for their woodwork. This protects you from nasty surprises.


Consider: A reputable carpenter will take care of you from preliminary talk from taking measures to implementation and construction, reliably and individually. Another important criterion is whether the Carpenter’s style suits your ideas.


Because carpentry work is not only a craft, but also handicrafts. Even a perfectly crafted job cannot suit your personal taste. Note references or exhibits from your dream carpenter.


As with every tradesman search, the more complex and expensive your job, the more offers you should get.


And ever more detailed you submit your request for a quote, the more accurate the quotes will be. In addition to the price, note the specializations of the joineries.


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