Creating video intros is one of the most important parts of creating a YouTube channel. It’s something many people overlook, but it’s actually really easy to do!

In this article, we will cover everything from what differentiates an intro from a trailer and how to make sure you’re doing both correctly, all the way down to what intro video maker you need in order to create them yourself

Why Do You Need a Video Intro?

You’ve probably seen intros before. They’re the little clips that play before a video starts, and they’re typically used to establish the brand or tone of the content you’re about to watch.

Intros can:

  • Establish your brand and make your content recognizable, so viewers know what they’re getting into right away
  • Help you get noticed in a crowded market, so people will click on your videos instead of someone else’s
  • Give you more views and subscribers

What Makes a Great Video Intro?

An intro is a way to draw your viewers in and make them feel like they are about to see something special. It should set the tone for the video and help the audience get excited about what’s coming next.

Here are some tips on how to create an intro that will engage your viewers:

  • Use a combination of graphics, clips, text, animation, and music to create a visually appealing sequence
  • Keep in mind that people have short attention spans, so keep it short and sweet! The best intros are 20-30 seconds long
  • If you’re using dialogue or narration, try not to get too wordy—keep it short but descriptive enough so that people know what they’re watching is relevant
  • Add personality by including fun facts or interesting tidbits that relate directly back into what’s being discussed within your content

An Easy Intro Maker to Use: Flixier

The intro creator you are using can have a huge impact on the overall process of creating intro videos. This is why our best intro maker recommendation is Flixier. It includes over 50 professional-created transitions, as well as 100 motion titles and animated texts. You can quickly edit, combine, and alter them to create stunning intros for your videos.

Here are the steps you need to follow when using the Flixier online intro maker:

1.    Set Up the Intro

The first thing you need to do is create a new project in Flixier, then set the project aspect ratio (portrait or landscape). Up next, you need to set the background color for your intro, and you’re done with the first step.

2.    Start Editing the Intro

To create an intro video, begin by adding an overlay and changing the color to match your brand. Then, as a text introduction to your film, add a motion title.

To add text to an intro video, first drag and drop the text item onto the intro, then double-click it and begin typing. You can also add motion text to your videos in our free video editor to give them a more professional appearance. Simply drag some animated text onto the intro you created and change the wording on your screen’s right side panel.

3.    Add a Final Touch

You may now add images and logos for extra customization, as well as apply transitions to make them more interesting. When your intro is finished, you can save it to your computer or continue editing your full video in Flixier.

Create Your Intro Videos Now!

Intro videos are a great way to draw in new viewers and help them understand what your video is about. And now that you know which intro maker online tool to use, there is only one last step left: to start creating your intro videos. We hope you will have a pleasing experience and that results will not cease to appear!

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