There are three main types of t-shirt printing. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Screen printing

First, screen printing. This is one of the three oldest and most widely used methods. From simple handprints to fully automatic printers, the principle is the same. This is a simple process. However, it takes time to adjust and clean the screen. Most companies charge a fee for screening. However, this is a one-time payment, and screens are usually saved by the t-shirt manufacturer if the client wants to reprint the design.

Screen printing gives a very bright color print. Great for most logos and text. Great for mass production and printing costs. Wonderful durability for repeated washing and re-washing before wiping. However, if you don’t want to take a low quality image, this is really not suitable for photo reproduction. (Half-tone dot is visible). Also, each color should be printed separately. Screen printing can also be a confusing business.

Printing a digital t-shirt

Another way to print T-shirts is digital printing. Although a bit of new technology, digital printers are an interesting addition to T-shirt printing. It provides screen printing services, i.e. on-demand printing technology. The shirt is spread out on the frame and placed under a set of ink drones. The costume is printed on paper just like a print printer.

These cars usually cost between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000 and are an exciting purchase for those who want to get into the specialty t-shirt business. He is also the sponsor of major t-shirt manufacturers such as CafePress.

With the help of digital printing you can economically print personal designs. Unlike screen printing, its placement is minimal. This is great for photo printing, multicolor designs and logo reproductions. Clean working environment.

Unfortunately, the more expensive the shirt and the slower the printing, the more expensive the T-shirt is. Digital printing is more than just printing a cycle screen on a T-shirt. The technology is still young, so consumers have inherited problems with machines, including frequent fragmentation of fabric particles and ink pits. Although it can be printed on dark-colored T-shirts, many users initially report problems with the white ink needed to justify the design.

Shooting printing

The third method is heat transfer. As the name suggests. The picture is printed on the interchangeable table, then placed under the heat printer and attached to the heated T-shirt. This is a cheap way and is often used by consumers. There are various types of paper on the iron that can be purchased at most office supply stores.

Use only for individual and low expectations is realistic. If you want to get into the t-shirt printing business, this is an interesting alternative to the other techniques mentioned. It costs a little less to buy a product. But a good heat akitextiles printer usually costs less than $ 1,000. It should be able to reach a higher temperature than the iron supply in existing packages. The printer (usually the Epson brand) can work for $ 3,000.

With Heat Transfer: There are pictures and complex multi-colored pictures. Clean working environment.

Disadvantages of Shooting Copy Print: You have to cut each picture around the contour to get the paper you don’t need to print the picture. This can be time consuming, so large scores are not practical.

If you plan to go into the t-shirt manufacturing business instead of using any method based on your personal needs, facilities and budget. From a user’s point of view, printing on a screen t-shirt is great for quality and washability.

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