Digital Influencer

Across the ages the power of influence can be seen in the history of mankind. Powerful kings and empires leveraged the weapon of influence in dominating their domains. 

The origin of the word influence dates back to medieval Latin where it stemmed from inflow or influere. 

The inherent power retained by one individual or group is able to exert their influence on another individual group in order to reach a decision or verdict. 

With the growth of online marketing, e-commerce and digital shopping the role of the concept of being an influencer has taken on a whole new meaning. 

If you are involved in mobile app design then it’s also wise to think about the role that influencers will play in promoting and marketing your app to the desired audience. 

Digital influencers of today are individuals that have an extremely large following of fans and others that can leverage their following in order to meet the commercial requirements of products, brands or services. 

To become an online or digital influencer you must first figure out what area or lifestyle or trend you will focus on. For example there are fashion influencers, lifestyle influencers, tech influencers, leisure and hospitality influencers and many more.

If you are more specific about the area or sector you wish to become an influencer in from the outset then you would be able to have a better commercial outlook as a leading influencer in an exclusive niche.

The Kylie Effect

Kylie Jenner is a good example of a leading digital influencer. She has millions of fans and followers from all across the world. This makes her very attractive to brand custodians especially if they are promoting a global brand. 

No matter the language or the culture, if your target market or target core audience are fans or followers of Kylie Jenner then you would definitely benefit from her associating with your product, brand or service.

Kylie Jenner of course is an example of a mass influencer with a diverse appeal. On the other hand you have influencers such as Sam Chui who is a specialist aviation and airline influencer. 

His niche audience makes him very popular with those interested in similar activities and pursuits. So if you are an airline or airport or in a business related to aviation, you would want to have Sam Chui associating with your brand.

If you are looking to work with influencers in Australia, digital marketing agency Elegant Media can help you identify the most correct personalities that match your product, brand or service closely. 

Having decided to boost your online presence through the use of a digital influencer it is critical to select and choose an influencer that has an audience similar or exactly the same as your desired target market.

In this way your product, service or brand’s message would be heard loud and clear directly by those you wish to hear it. In addition the influencer becomes a trusted source of verified information and with this trust the power of the influncer’s recommendation reigns supreme. 

Influencers are a force to be reckoned with and have a powerful say in the success of a particular product, brand or service.