The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Analytics: What Experts Say

Do you want to grow your Instagram account and make it the best one available out there? 

Well, it’s definitely possible, and, to top it off, – you can do the same in two different ways. For the first route, you can spend some money and buy instagram views paypal with some attractive offers. 

Yes, it will be a little expensive, but offer a quicker solution to your problem. 

However, if you want to play it safe, we’ll ask you to opt for the organic course. In this aspect, Instagram analytics will be an excellent place to begin. 


Wait, let us explain more elaborately. 

What Is Instagram Analytics? 

Instagram Analytics, otherwise known as Insights, offers a base of metrics of audience engagement ratio. For example, you can use it to – 

  • Learn about the number of people who have followed you during the past few days.
  • Check the post with the highest like and comment count.
  • Find the average number of comments and likes you have received in the past week. 
  • Track the number of views you’re getting in your recent stories and videos. 

Therefore, if utilized properly, you can use Instagram Insights to target a specific audience, reach new consumers, and boost your content strategy. 

How To Use Or Access Instagram Insights? 

Before we begin, there’s something you should know. The Instagram Insights feature will only be available if you’re using a creator or business profile. Once you have created the same, you can use the following steps to access the titular tool – 

  • Click on the menu icon. You can find it on the top-right side of your profile. 
  • Now, you’ll see a drop-down menu with the Insights tab snuggled within it. 
  • Tap on it to access and start using the feature for your purpose. 

Once you open the tab, you can find various analytics for your stories, posts, consumer demographics right off the bat. The list of metrics may include – 

  • Age range (Men, Women, and All),
  • Follower growth (Follows, Unfollows, and Overall),
  • Top locations (Countries and Cities),
  • Most Active Times (Days and Hours), and 
  • Gender. 

How Does Instagram Analytics Improve Engagement? 

The Instagram Insights tool, in essence, allows you to garner a lot of metrics altogether. Now, if you evaluate everything accordingly, you’ll be able to – 

  • Find out when your audience is coming online. It, in turn, will help you post at the right time to increase your overall engagement rating.
  • Adjust the tone of your content depending on the consumer demographics you’re working it. This way, you can improve your brand awareness pretty efficiently. 
  • Improve the status of your Instagram stories. It will help you capture the attention of your audience from the initial post and make them scroll through each attentively. 
  • Check various metrics as email and website click efficiently. Therefore, if you can use the right CTAs in the right place, you can generate more leads as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs 

Previously, we had shared the basic information on Instagram Analytics. Hence, in this section, we will answer some of the queries that might occur in your mind. 

Let’s keep reading! 

Q1: What’s A Decent Engagement Rate On Instagram? 

As per reports, a “low engagement rating” would be lower than 1% of interactiveness. The “average engagement rating” would be somewhere between 1% to 3.5%. Finally, the “high engagement rating” is any rating that’s over 3.5%. 

Q2: What Are The Most Important Instagram Analytics?

Some of the crucial analytics of Instagram are – 

  • Reach,
  • Views (Instagram stories, videos, etc.),
  • Web traffic, 
  • Reels views, and 
  • Overall engagement rating. 

Q3: How Does Instagram Measure KPI?

The Instagram algorithm usually measures KPI by tracking your overall follower growth, comments per post, and engagement rating per follower. Furthermore, your profile’s reach will matter quite extensively in this aspect as well.


When it comes to taking care of your growth on Instagram, analyzing each and every metric will matter a lot. Therefore, we will ask you to start using the Instagram Insights tool from day one to improve the strata of your business.

If you need any assistance, make sure to talk with a social media manager to take care of everything else.

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