The Vital Lead to Prom Dresses Care

Prom Dresses are fragile and much expensive clothing and hence when you buy yours you will surely want to take care of them. Looking after your prom dress is very significant and hence follow the few tips given below.


After you buy and take your prom dress home, ensure that there isn’t anything scratching on the dress as it leads to wrinkles. In case your dress wrinkles, you need to try to get the wrinkles out before your prom night. The majority of the prom shops will provide you with the last steaming before the great day. Another incredible tip that will help in saving money is by putting your dress on a hanger and hang it at the back of your washroom door. Put on your shower to the hottest temperature and then close the washroom door. Leave it like that so that it automatically steams for around 15 minutes after which the wrinkles disappear.


Subsequent to wearing your dress, you should dry clean and store it. If by chance your dress gets stained then it is sure to ruin your expensive prom dress. The more time you take to do away with the stain the more time your dress will absorb the stains more. Get in touch with a cleaner that specializes in cleaning stains on gowns and dresses. You can also pack a tide stick in the clutch of your prom dress so that you can handle the stain immediately.

After you dry clean your prom dress, store it in a cool and dry place. Never ever store it in any hot or even damp area as it will de-colorize and stain the dress. Likewise, do not at all store your dazzling prom dresses in any area where lots of natural sunlight falls as this will also result in discoloring the dress. Apart from this, you must also take out your dress once in a while from where you have stored it and air it so that it is not damaged. One of the most excellent ways to store your prom dress is to place it in the top shelf of your wardrobe. You can even lay your prom dress flat in a sealed box or even a garment bag.


As we all know that taints are the most horrible ones and hence it has to be treated at the earliest.

  • Makeup stain

 Wet the stain on your dress by means of a warm towel. After this use color-safe bleach or maybe liquid detergent to clean the stain and then wash your dress in warm water and hang for it to dry.

Stain due to grass

First of all wipe the fabric with alcohol. Then apply chlorine bleach to the rest of the stain making sure that it is safe to be used on colors.

  • Stain due to grease

First, wash your dress in warm water and then keep the gown with the stain down on paper towels. Then rub dry using liquid treatment mist. After that once again wash your dress in warm water and hang for it to dry.

  • Stain due to sweat

Apply a damp bar soap as well as a liquid detergent to the stain and then wash it.

Find the prom dress store near you and visit the store for better options.

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