10 Things I Love About Classical Perfumes

Perfumes have an aesthetic appeal to them. Just like a hardcover book sitting in an old library, or a vintage dress. No matter how many perfumes take over the fashion industry there is something about vintage perfumes that cannot grow old. Reminds you of the classic novels that still hold the same significance in literature as the day they were written.
Modern Perfumery:

The millennial age has changed not only your conventional fragrance but also the ways in which fragrances where made. While some of the latest inventions have benefited the firm of perfumery at the same time it has taken away the essence and the richness that the classic blends possessed. Not to mention to this day our inclination is toward the latest blends that have taken over the market ranging from perfumes for men and women there is a vast range of fragrances enlisted as the best perfumes in Pakistan.

So here is a list of ten things which are so unique and exquisite in classic perfumes that the modern perfumes to this day cannot measure up to these standards.

  1. Entanglement of complex composition:

The thing that lacks in the modern day perfumes is the complex compositions although they are being manufactured with the perfect formula and an accurate ratio. But the classic perfumes such as Chanel No 22 or Miss Dior have an exceedingly complexity to them. It makes you go weak in your knees.

  1. Richness:

These days when the bases that are used in the perfumes. It is kept in mind that they should have a lighter taint to it. Back in the days when perfumes were made they used to be complex. The complexity instigates the aroma of richness; A factor that lacks in the modern perfumes. Classic perfumes have a blend of different bases the bases used are stronger when comprehended with the urban perfumes they last longer.

  1. The scent keep changing:

Now this one is a little surreal. Why? Because when you use the modern perfume they reveal themselves with a single spritz. When you use a classic perfume they have an edge of enigma to them. Leading from not reveling themselves all at once to with the passage of time inducing the layers of fragrances it possess. Some of the classics have the base notes of jasmine topped with rose. And they don’t reveal themselves all at once rather it happens over the course of time.

  1. Limited Material:

Tracing back there were not many options when it came to manufacturing perfumes. Comparing it to the pallets we have today there is huge a variety of fragrance with all sort notes. The current era might be progressive but the progression came at the cost of losing the essence of the past. The rich, complex and unique fragrances like Indian sandalwood or dark musky scents are all a part of vintage now. These days to get the perfect blend of scent one single molecule have to go through hundreds of tests. This was not the case in the past and that’s what makes these scents unique to this day.

  1. Bold:

Saying that perfumes these days are not bold will be an unfair understatement. As with the progressing world the fashion industry is wholly focused on how to staying bold and loud. But when we step back we see an era where perfumers were not afraid to play with the materials used to synthesize scents. Classic perfumes such as Chanel No 5 have had various layers of musk; a rare combination to be seen in these days.

  1. Presentation:

It is human nature that we fall for the things that look more presentable to our eyes. Since, perfumery in itself is considered to a form of art the current era is spending millions and billions of dollars on the packaging of the perfumes. But the market is doing it for the perfumers. This was not the case in the past. Perfumes used to invest there times in designing a bottle of perfume that matched the essence of fragrance. And if you are anything like me you can tell that the presentation of a vintage perfume is more appealing.

  1. Names:

Choosing a name for the perfume that matches the fragrance is nothing more than a hurdle. Vintage perfumes like Miss Dior or Chanel No 5 didn’t only have simpler names compared to the names we have today. But it also matched the essence of the fragrance.

  1. The rare Glass Stopper:

Talking about the vintage perfume bottles one cannot omit the beautiful and aesthetic bottles that they had. Although they are no longer available in the market now but they gave a look that takes you back into the Victorian era. The glass stopper is something that might have died with time but a strand of vintage perfumery that will always be celebrated.

  1. Promotions and Advertisement:

Stepping back in 20’s or 40’s television was not a part of human life. So, pictures and drawings were used to promotion the perfumes. The ads were designed skillfully keeping in mind the origin and the purpose of creating the specific fragrance.

  1. Stories:

The thing about vintage perfumes is that they have traveled a long way into the current era. So, of course there comes the factor of lore and stories that come with it, the people who adore these scents have their side of the story. While people who hated it have an entire different narrative.

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