Things To Keep In Mind After Renting A Flat

When you move to Hyderabad for job purpose, one of the main challenges is to look for accommodation. Searching online and asking for references from friends and colleagues can help. However, there are a few aspects that you must consider while finding flats for rent in Hyderabad. This will make the renting process easy for you. Here’s a look at some important points to consider:


  • Work with a professional agent

You should always work with trustworthy agents as others might change their behavior once the deal has been done. You must only work with an agent whom you can trust and who can keep their commitments. Working with professional agents will make the journey easy for you. It is better to deal with professional companies that value you as a customer. You must investigate the dealer’s credentials by asking for references from previous clients. 


  • Make a list of priority

It is not possible to find a home that can meet all your needs, preferences, amenities, aesthetic appeal, location, budget, etc. You will have to compromise on certain areas. You will have to prioritize your list of features or amenities that are a must for you and those you can compromise with. 


  • Easy accessibility

When you rent a home, the first thing that comes to mind is easy accessibility. While looking for flats on rent in Hyderabadyou must see the connectivity of the house from your workplace, modes of transportation available, accessibility to markets, schools, hospitals, colleges, etc. While it is not that important, some people also consider the accessibility to railway stations and airports. 


  • Read the rent agreement thoroughly

When you finalize the rent agreement, you should carefully read the clauses and terms and conditions. You should look at the clauses that mention the period for which you are entitled to stay and the tenure after which your landlord will increase the rent. If you find any of the clauses in the agreement disagreeable, you should immediately discuss it and get it changed to avoid further confusion or dispute.


  • Understand the terms of lease or rent

You must also discuss security deposit and standard deductions on vacating the property. This might differ depending on the location of the flat and the preference of your landlord. You should also clarify who will pay for the repairs and maintenance. You can pay for the minor repairs, but the landlord should take care of major repairs. You should be well informed about the maintenance policy as well as the monthly maintenance charges of the property. This will help in deciding your budget accordingly. 


  • Mode of rent payment

You might be comfortable with online payment of monthly rent, but the landlord might ask for cash or cheque at the end of the month. You must discuss the mode of rent payment with your landlord so that you both can agree on a medium that is convenient for both parties. 


  • Changes in the existing décor

Every landlord has different preferences. Some don’t like changes being made in the home’s existing décor. They won’t approve of you adding a personal touch to the home. It is better to clarify the points beforehand. You can both come to an agreement where the landlord is fine with changes in certain aspects and things that they wish to keep as it is. This will help in avoiding disputes. 


  • Be aware of your rights

A rent agreement will offer you limited rights on the property as a tenant. It is important for you to be aware of those rights as it helps in keeping things clear between you and the landlord. For example, the landlord can’t interfere with your personal lifestyle and can’t prevent any visitors from coming. They can’t dictate time for you to reach home. The landlord can’t even ask you to vacate the property till the time agreement is in force.


  • Consider the total cost

When you consider the monthly amount, it is not just the money you pay while shifting to a rented flat. You will have to consider security deposit, advance rent, brokerage, etc. Consider all these costs so that you can decide your budget accordingly.


  • Check the goods

If you are shifting to an apartment that is fully furnished, have a close look at the appliances and furniture being provided. Make sure that they are in working condition.


Keeping the points mentioned above in consideration will help you easily rent an apartment in a new city. You will make an informed decision. Being clear about rental agreements will ensure a positive relationship with your landlord. 

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