buying washable rugs

A beautiful floor rug adds significant appeal to any room, however, on the downside, if your rug is dirty, it can make the whole room look and feel dirty. 

Like any key piece of furniture for your home, a high-quality rug is an investment purchase that you want to last for many years. To improve the longevity of your rug, and its appearance, you need to properly clean and look after your rug. 

It’s important to know how to care for your rugs to keep them looking their best, and if you’re considering whether a washable rug may be best suited for your home, there are a few factors to keep in mind. 

Washable rugs

For many people, a rug that can be easily cleaned is a necessity, and a rug that you can throw in the washing machine can be appealing, however, it’s important to consider whether it’s right for you.

While a washable rug can be a good option for areas where small children or pets spend time, you may not need one in every room of your home. Washable rugs are often better for smaller spaces, as unless small, it can still be difficult to wash a floor rug.

Often quite thin, a rug mat will be essential to keep a washable rug in place as it will move around more easily than thicker, heavier rugs. Due to the thinner materials, washable rugs won’t offer the same level of warmth as a luxurious wool rug, and may not be best for high traffic areas where they will get more wear and tear. Smaller washable rugs can be a good option for kitchens, bathrooms or laundries, as they won’t get damaged as easily by getting wet. 

A quality designer rug is a long term investment, something you’ll have for many years. Washable rugs are often not as long-lasting, so it’s important to think carefully about where it will go in your home. 

Rug materials

When buying a new rug for your home, it’s important to factor in the material a rug is made from. Certain rug materials are easier to clean than others, with some materials suitable for washing, whilst others may require careful maintenance and professional cleaning. 

Natural cotton rugs are often the easiest option if you want a washable rug. Though it’s important to bear in mind that they will have a limit to how many times you can wash them before the fibres start to get worn down. 

Many rugs made from synthetic fibres are washable, and while these can often be more durable than other washable options, their washability can depend on the type of synthetic fibre. 

Wool rugs are not suitable for washing, however, they are very durable and low maintenance, and are a popular material choice for quality rugs, as they offer a more luxurious softness. 

As some materials can get damaged with washing, it’s important to follow our next step, which is to check the care instructions for your rug. 

Check care instructions

As something that gets walked on, sat on or played on, regularly, all floor rugs require proper care and maintenance, and some may require specific cleaning requirements to keep them in top condition. 

Before cleaning your rug it’s important to look at the care label in case it has specific cleaning instructions. If you buy a washable rug, you’ll need to follow the instructions for washing and cleaning, as some washable rugs may require a cold or warm wash for the best results. 

Some rug materials may be sensitive to certain detergents or cleaning chemicals, and if it’s a particularly delicate material, such as silk, you may want to get a professional rug cleaner to look after the maintenance so you don’t accidentally damage your rug. 

Looking after your rugs

If you’ve invested in a quality rug, you want to get many years of use out of it. This means proper cleaning and maintenance of your rug is essential. 

Vacuuming regularly and cleaning up any spills straight away will help prevent dirt, debris or stains from setting in the rugs’ fibres. The longer you go between cleaning your rug, the harder it can be to remove stains or dirty marks. 

Some rugs may need to be hand-washed, but if you don’t feel confident washing your rug, getting it professionally cleaned can be the best way to go to get it looking back to good as new. 

Rugs have to hold up against a lot of wear and tear, especially those positioned in high traffic areas. Consider when buying washable rugs if they are long-lasting, as every wash may weaken the structure of the rug. In many cases, it can be better to buy a high-quality rug that you clean regularly through vacuuming, spot cleaning, and professional care, to ensure you have a rug that will last and look beautiful in your home for many years. 

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