If you are sending your child to school, college, or university, it is important for you to understand what Title IX is and how it helps both students and parents. Under the federal’s Title IX, no one can discriminate against you based on gender and sex in the educational institute. Many parents and faculty members have questions about Title IX because it is a complex form of law. These days, it applies to all types of sexual discrimination, harassment, domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence. Below mentioned are a few facts about Title IX:

The importance of Title IX

It plays a vital role in student’s life because it protects equality rights within the educational institution. It is not limited to students only. It covers everyone working within the premises of an institute such as teachers, faculty, staff as well as visitors receiving the federal’s benefits.

Title IX is important because the law wants that educational institutes respond to sexual harassment cases promptly so that the matter can be resolved at the earliest. These types of incidents can cause severe consequences and the students may not be able to access the education system equally.

Who can be benefited from Title IX?

It also applies to the elementary, secondary, and all types of private and government schools prohibiting misconduct in any form. Moreover, it not only covers female students but also protects the rights of every student and prevents discrimination based on sex and gender. Sexual orientation is also covered under this form of law. The students, who are identified as lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual are protected under Title IX. 

It has been observed that students with preferred sexual orientation are bullied and harassed more than other students. That’s why, these students can get support from the government. 

Reporting of sexual assault cases 

It has been observed that a few cases come to light when it comes to sexual discrimination. Some of the factors that affect the reporting of these cases include fear, shame and not wanting others to know about your sufferings.  Sometimes, the victim does not believe the system that he could ever get justice. It is important to understand how you can report these cases so that you can get justice well on time. An attorney can make you understand the procedures and proceedings related to the school’s reporting system.

The education system ensures that all students are treated equally and feel safe in the institute.