Just like everything changed with time, the appearance of jewelry also evolved. First, it was pebbles, stone, bone, feathers. Then fast forward to ancient Egypt, the appearance of jewelry changed. They wore a necklace, neck collars, bracelets made with beads. And it was not only limited to women. Both men and women wore jewelry. The jewelry for the pharaoh was made with gold and gemstone. Meanwhile, people with less wealth would wear jewelry made with colored beads. But the jewels that are getting used today are considerably different.

People these days manufacture their jewelry and sell them on various platforms. Starting a business is not that difficult these days. Last year in a pandemic, many people began manufacturing earrings by hand and selling them online. If you want to do the same and have an audience, consider your product sold. But to run your business successfully, you must own professional packaging. But the question is, what sort of packaging box should we use? How should we customize them? And what feature should they hold? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about earring boxes.

Types of Boxes to Consider for Earrings:

There are numerous packaging boxes in the market. But the real problems begin when we have to choose one package for our products. These are some of the custom-made earring boxes that proved to be suitable for an earring.

  • Two-piece boxes.
  • Boxes with inserts.
  • Flip-top or magnetic closure boxes.
  • Sleeve boxes.

How to Customize the Boxes?

There are multiple ways to give a unique look to our packaging boxes. But among all of these options, we have to make the right decision. For example, what printing techniques to use. What color should we use to customize our boxes? What info should get printed on it? We need to answer multiple questions to pull off professional branding. Let us discuss these few tips and tricks to give an elegant look to our boxes.

1.   With Suitable Printing Methods:

There are different printing methods available in the market, and they are continuously evolving. But the printing method is suited for different types of material and needs. Seven printing methods are famous worldwide.

2.   Digital Printing:

In this method, an electronic file is used. This method is famous because it allows small businesses to customize their material at affordable prices.

3.   Flexography:

It was first known as letterpress. This method is preferred to be used by companies when designing a label that contains a continuous pattern. In this process, ink is used that dries off quickly but the design stays forever.

4.   Offset Printing

This method is popular because it allows us to customize multiple packaging materials all at once. Hence this method is preferred to be used for books, paper, stationery, canvas, etc.

5.   Rotogravure

This process is famous because it produces high-quality printed images. It is a high-speed process that proves to be time-efficient.

6.   Large Format

This printing method is suitable for businesses that do large-scale advertisements. It gets used for billboards, posters, and banners.

7.   3D Printing

This method is used for promoting one’s brand and displays items in 3D shape.

8.   Screen Printing.

This method uses a mesh to transfer and smear the ink all over the surface. The ink in this method gives a sleek and long-lasting print to our material.

By Highlighting the Brand Identity:

Never forget that one’s brand identity plays a crucial role in both sales and marketing. If you do not print your brand logo on the box, the product loses its value. Meanwhile, it would also lose its worth if the logo is not visible enough. A small logo makes a brand appear incompetent. Make sure that you use the appropriate method to print your trademark and slogan on the box.

But if your packaging box gets customized with the wrong color, it would also affect a brand negatively. So with the right color scheme and professional typography, we can pull off a professional look for our earring boxes.

Features Our Boxes Should Hold:


Make sure your packaging boxes have these features if you wish to impress your customers.

·         Organic:

Sustainability refers to recycling, reusing, and reducing. A packaging box that follows the 3R of sustainability weighs to be 100% organic. Jewelry products need organic packaging because such packaging is safe. And they also do not emit any radiation.

·         Customizable:

A customizable packaging box allows us to print our company’s theme onto the box. And hence we could highlight our brand identity by using various printing techniques. Meanwhile, also customize your case with a method that makes the design last longer.

·        Recyclable:

What does recycling mean? It is the act of reusing the same box again for other purposes. For example, If the product has become useless, we can use the box for other purposes. We can either use them as a gift box or as a storage box.

·        Handy:

A box that is easy to carry around brings ease to our lives. We do not wear jewelry all the time. If there’s a special occasion, we solely take the item out of our purse and wear them anytime. We cannot just put them into our handbags as they could get affected or get entangled. But when we have a small jewelry box, we do not have to face such awkward situations.

·        Light-Weight:

Many people think that if a packaging box is lightweight, it might not bear external pressure. But it is just a myth. For example, consider the nature and texture of paperboard boxes. The lighter your customized earring packaging is, the fewer charges and shipping fee the seller has to pay.

Choose well your custom Packaging for your Business.