Tips for safe relocation in Limburg during COVID-19 pandemic

The city of Limburg in Netherlands follows the rules for COVID-19 as put down by the Belgian Government. The pandemic may not be the most convenient time to move but some people don’t really have a choice. Some may have to relocate for work, education, to get back with their family or any other reason that cannot be avoided. Limburg is a small city comparatively, so if that’s where you’re relocating, then there are some basic things to keep in mind, mainly because of the pandemic.

Current rules in Limburg for COVID-19

  • No curfew; social distancing to be followed
  • Masks compulsory
  • Only essential travel in public transport
  • Non-essential shops open till 8pm; essential shops open as usual.
  • Primary schools and day-care open; secondary schools and colleges partially open
  • Work from home compulsory unless no other option is available. 
  • If found positive, then home quarantine; for serious symptoms, hospitalization will be done.
  1. Checking with the authorities
  • You must’ve planned the move long back and begun preparing for it, but you still need to keep yourself updated with the current changes in COVID-19 in Limburg. 
  • As of now there is no curfew in the city but travel is still prohibited at least till 15th of May
  • Make sure you are in touch with the authorities to confirm your relocation while submitting the documents. In some countries, the authorities themselves will make you wait until a certain time to avoid any risk. Check out those guidelines too.
  • If you are moving there for work, then contact your employer/company to confirm your job. The globally economy crashing due to COVID-19 has affected a lot of big companies.
  1. Looking after your own safety
  • If the COVID-19 vaccine is available is your country or state, then it is best to be vaccinated before you star relocating. This way you and your family can be safe and you won’t even be a risk to the people in the Limburg city when you move there.
  • Get yourself tested. That will be mandatory anyway. You will have to get tested once in your own country or state and once when you reach Limburg at the airport or border. Make sure to keep the reports handy. You might also have to submit the soft copies to various authorities before you leave. This will save time and money so you can focus on goedkoop verhuizen in Limburg.
  • Plan to travel only when you and your family is absolutely in the best of health. Even a mild illness like cough or cold can reduce your immunity and you may be at a greater risk of catching infections and the COVID-19 virus. 
  • Avoid eating or drinking during the travel so you won’t have to take off your masks.
  1. Final preparations
  • Pack everything well. Send off the movers and packers to your new location well in advance. 
  • You won’t be able to keep going to and fro for any emergencies because of the new rules in Limburg so make sure you have everything sorted in your previous residential city.
  • Have your masks on the whole time, keep sanitizers and paper soaps handy. Also carry surface disinfectant and/or anti-bacterial wipes to avoid touching any surfaces. Wear gloves during the travel. 
  • Finally, bid a loving goodbye to your old home and start off for the new location with hope, and taking utmost care of yourself and your family members.

The number of COVID-19 patients is under control in Limburg since the beginning of 2021. We do hope you have a safe relocation to your new home.