Tips On Getting Your Motorcycle In Picture-Perfect Shape

Motorcycle enthusiasts are practically obsessed with getting a shiny clean bike, and that’s not an easy feat. Here are a few tips you need in order to get your motorcycle to be as clean as it was in the showroom before you bought it. This article will cover everything from engine cleaning, to how to clean motorcycle engine casing. Note that this is not a step by step guide, but rather a compilation of tips or advice for the best results.

Wipe Down Your Bike After Rides 

At the very least, you should be wiping down your bike when you get back home everyday. This simple habit can make it much easier to keep your motorcycle clean for the most part. It doesn’t need to be something complex – a damp microfiber cloth can be enough for this type of job, unless your bike got significantly muddied during your ride.

Keep A Strict Schedule To Clean Your Engine Regularly

Make a habit of cleaning your motorcycle engine every other month at the very least. You should also make sure to clean the engine casing, which may require you to soak it for a while to get the best results. The casing usually gets more dirty than other parts, so taking it apart and leaving it to soak is recommended. Just be sure you know how to assemble the casing, and try not to break anything as you’re working.

There are many options for engine degreasers and other cleaning chemicals that can be used to help speed up the process. However, if you aren’t sure which product to use, or don’t want to deal with harsh chemicals – a simple mix of dish soap, water, and elbow grease will work as well. If you wash your engine regularly, it won’t take long because it will be relatively clean every time you do it. Also, this is a great way to better understand your bike, and inspect it for any damage.

Why Degreasers Are Not Recommended

Although using harsh chemicals like degreasers does a quick job of cleaning your engine, the chemicals can also strip away your paint job. Even if you don’t have a custom paint job on your motorcycle, you probably wouldn’t want to ruin the existing paint job while you clean the engine and other parts. That’s why most riders use a combination of soap and water instead, leaving degreasers only for really tough jobs.

Overall, keeping your motorcycle photo-ready takes a lot of hard work and dedication. For most motorcycle enthusiasts, this hard work is something they like to do, and although it may be tiring, they enjoy doing it. If you aren’t particularly passionate about your bike, and are just riding it for the convenience, you probably are better off taking it to a bike shop to be cleaned. Just keep in mind that a bike shop will not put in as much effort as you would because they don’t have a personal connection with the bike like you do.

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