Like every piece of furniture in your house, your electronic gadgets also need cleaning. We do accept that cleaning electronic gadgets can get a bit tedious and also tricky at times but that doesn’t allow you to skip it. Amongst all the other gadgets that you clean daily, fridges and washing machines are the most difficult ones. On second thought, you can still get away with regular mild fridge cleaning hacks but washing machines are a different ball game altogether. But, here’s the catch, we have even gotten a solution to this problem of yours. Today, we’re gonna talk about how to clean front load washing machines in detail. You might feel a bit tired at some points in this article, but hang on until the last minute to get a full tutorial on how to clean front load washing machines.

Detergent residue and dirt are the real enemies of your washing machines and they cause all the trouble. These can result in a foul smell in your machine and that is precisely why you need to keep cleaning it up regularly. 

Let’s get started with the steps that you need to follow. Don’t worry, we made sure that they’re simple and also machine-driven.

  • Start washing with some vinegar: 

Before you do anything, ensure that the drum of the washer is empty and then press the ‘tub clean’ or ‘clean cycle’ button. If your washing machine doesn’t have any such settings then go for the maximum load setting. Pour two cups of vinegar into the detergent tray to get rid of the odor and run a full rinse cycle in your system.

  • Follow it up with a warm wash along with bleach: 

Fill the washer once again but this time with some warm water and go for the same setting in your washing machine. This time, add two cups of bleach in the detergent tray to remove all the germs that get stuck in your front load washing machines. This also helps in removing all the water stains that are there on the walls of the washer. Rinse it once more.

  • Rinse it once more:

Make sure all that stain, dirt ,or smell, all of it gone after all the efforts that you did so far. If you’re happy with the results then run another rinse cycle to clear out all the leftover product.

  • Clean the detergent tray:

Fill up a bucket with warm water and dismantle your detergent tray to drown the pieces in them. Add a few drops of dishwashing soap in the water and let the water rest for a while. Take the pieces out and scrub them clean with a sponge or a toothbrush and some extra care. After making sure that all the pieces are dry and squeaky clean, assemble them and put them back in their original spot.

  • Don’t forget to clean the exterior part of your front load washing machine:

The rubber seal around your front load washing machine door can be the real devil behind the stench that is coming from your front load washing machine. Some sticky deposits get stuck there in the seal and create a super nasty smell. If you wanna drive it away then get ready with another bucket of hot water and some chlorine bleach and mix it in the water. Take a piece of clean cloth, dip in the solution that you just made and glide it down your front load washing machine seal. Finish the process by pat-drying the door seal with a dry piece of cloth.

  • Rub the body of your front load washing machine to seal the deal:

Now, to wrap up this intense-cleaning procedure of how to clean the front load washing machine, you just need to clean the exterior body of your machine as you do for your other gadgets and furniture. Take any multi-purpose cleaner and rub off any dirt that is there on your machine. This final step will complete the entire procedure and get your washing machine back to all its glory. Flaunt your handiwork and share with your friends this tried and tested technique.

We hope that you do not have any queries regarding how to clean front load washing machine anymore because we have shared all the secrets that we had with you. And we do this because we want you all to lead a very healthy and hygienic life and that can only be achieved by keeping our surroundings clean. Our washing machines help us in keeping our clothes clean but we must not forget that the machine itself also needs some care. The process that we have talked about in the above section will do that job for you without any stress and as we promise every time, these ingredients shall fit seamlessly into your budget.

By Thomas