Tips That You Must Remember For Winter Lawn Care

Winter brings with it a period of dormancy for lawn grass in most regions of the country. To keep a green lawn in the south, cool-season ryegrass is commonly overseeded into the turf. In the north, it is too cold for any grass to grow, so we must patiently await the arrival of spring, which may or may not be accompanied by snow cover. Lawn service Atlanta, on the other hand, does not end with the arrival of winter. To maintain your yard healthy, use the following tips.

  • Aerating is Important

In the fall, your lawn strengthens its roots to prepare for the winter. Aerating your lawn encourages root growth, allows it to breathe, and reduces thatch buildup. Thatch makes your grass prone to diseases and insects and lowers its drought tolerance. For thicker and lush lawn grass, aerate your lawn in the fall to get extra time to enjoy a beautiful lawn all summer long.

  • Deter Too Much Foot Traffic

Avoid strolling on your iced or dormant lawn. Even robust grass can become weak if walked over repeatedly.

  • Fertilize Your Lawn

With the help of a spreader, add fertilizer. Move the machine over the grass, gripping the handle like a trigger, to release pellets. For best results, follow the fertilizer package recommendations. Apply only the advised amount. Keep in mind that too much fertilizer can cause your lawn to burn.

  • Keep The Lawn Area Clean

There’s a strong probability that leaves will pile up on your lawn during the fall. As a result, your lawn may be withering before winter. Leaves on the grass can grow overly damp and harbor disease. Mulch the leaves into dime-sized pieces using your mower to recycle the nutrients back into your lawn. If the leaves are overly damp or matted, it is best to sweep them and get rid of them. Also, make sure to get rid of any yard furniture or waste and any extra logs from near the fire pit.

  • Weeding the Lawn is Beneficial

The easiest strategy to control weeds in any yard is to focus on grass care. The grass is an excellent weed suppressant, as it keeps fresh weed seeds from sprouting. Mow your lawn and water periodically during the growing season, and keep the height of your lawn at an optimum level. Controlling dandelions, henbit, creeping Charlie, and other weeds is easier throughout the fall. Dig them up or use a herbicide to treat problem spots. 

  • Mow The Lawn

Mow your lawn until the grass stops growing, and then wait for the ground to cool. Depending on the lawn type, you may mow through late autumn. Feel free to mow your lawn when it rains, as decomposing leaves will soon provide organic matter to the soil. Once winter is approaching, it is rather common to mow the grass shorter than normal.

That was it! For professional care, consider hiring the experts for providing lawn care in Marietta

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