It looks like teaching is a very easy job but it is not. In fact, it is a job full of various kinds of responsibilities which sometimes make a person psychologically burdened a lot and many times teachers get into conditions of Teacher burnout. Teacher burnout is a psychological condition that leads to exhaustion, depersonalization, and decreased teacher achievement and self-worth. It is connected with the feeling of being underpaid, undervalued and overburdened. And those teachers who work in such conditions being selfless, passionate and simple suffer more. being burdened with so much, such teachers go under depression and resign from their jobs midway. Teachers give their best in teaching students; they teach in so much dedicating way that if the students are asked about ERP full form and LMS full form then being taught well by their hard-working teachers students can reply in a jiffy about LMS full form and ERP full form. And after serving with so much passion when teachers get neglected on any side from school management then the situation of teacher burnout gets created. Let’s have some tips to reduce teacher burnout:

  • All those professions which go through a hectic lifestyle need to do meditation. Following the same teaching is a profession where a teacher single handedly deals with different students having different mindset and skills and it takes a very high level of patience. Meditation helps the teacher to escape the situation of teacher burnout and also meditation makes teachers attain calm, peace and patience level to deal with adverse situation in profession of teaching.
  • Teaching is a noble profession of creating future of the kids so it is very necessary that having taken this job very seriously a teacher needs to teach from the bottom of his/her heart and immersed in this job while teaching. When a teacher teaches from heart then he or she enjoys his/her job a lot and then come what may situation of teacher burnout never arrives at any cost.
  • Teacher burnout is a situation which when it gets created it is invoked by dissatisfaction and furious anger. Hence, a teacher should keep a smile on his face as much as possible. It is so because when you move smilingly among people then it spreads an ultimate positivity around you and in you too. It keeps you at peace and calm and all of the above in a jolly mood which keeps you away from such emotions which can turn you into a furious bull in anger and frustration. Teacher is also an epitome for students. Hence, having a smiling face makes you a favourite of children.
  • Teachers should arrive in the school or teaching institutions before time. This has lots of benefits- first of all there is not rush in anything and teacher reaches in relax mood, secondly reaching school early in the morning gives the teacher chance to get prepared mentally for the teaching tasks for the day and in this way teacher escapes being tensioned due to last hour rush.
  • Whenever situations are created where frustration and tension are taking over your healthy teacher mind and turning you into a yelling machine then immediately find a reason to laugh and make it a habit to laugh in tension, some people can assume you mad but let it be, focus on laughing which can relax the muscles of face and mind and take your mood to a lightness so that you can save yourself fall into well of teacher burnout. Laughing is considered the best therapy and a boon to psychological issues.
  • Being a teacher, you are not a just simple human being but also you are an example to several students and you will never want your students to writhe in the pain of anger and depression so though it is very easy to say but tough to do but still stay away from conflicts. It is necessary because being a teacher it is your responsibility to choose where you want to invest your energy- in venting out your anger and get exhausted uselessly or in teaching helpless students and decorate their future.
  • Being a hard-working teacher is good so give your best at school but leave your work and feelings related to your work at your workplace and when you enter your house, be a good family member and don’t remember anything from your workplace. Try to enjoy the company of your lovely family completely. Take a day off in a week and enjoy completely, go for swimming, watch movies with wife and family