When it comes to the beauty and cosmetics industry, the packaging is one of the most important factors that play a significant role in sales. These boxes are not there to protect and promote the products but also serve to lure the consumers. Nail polish box used by a brand is an integral part of its marketing strategy and can provide a bundle of competitive advantages. They are manufactured of quality cardboard materials that can be customized on demand.

Significance of design

The packaging is the backbone of the modern industrial world as it serves more than just ensuring the security of products. Traditional packaging designs were only there to ensure the protection of products and lacked in the presentative characteristics that are important in the promotional process, but the new techniques of printing have unleashed the promotional potentials of packaging. Now packaging has become part and parcel of the marketing strategy for businesses, and the wholesale nail polish marketers are always looking for better and effective designs of packaging that can help them to enrich the business sales in a better way. The packaging is considered to be the best medium for businesses in an attempt to elevate communication with consumers.

These cardboard nail polish boxes are highly functional in nature and can protect all sorts of placed products with greater care. They are superior in protecting nature and can be best to keep all sorts of damaging and knocking risks away from the products. These boxes are also perfect in customizable characteristics, and there are bundles of options available for these boxes that can help to elevate the appeal of packaging in the best ever manner. Manufacturers can make use of creatively designed packaging in an attempt to elevate the exposure to their products in the market and make their sales better in society.

Creative designs of nail polish for Halloween

As we know that Halloween is on the corner, nail polish can always be used creatively to match the theme of the event. You can use creative skills to elevate the experience as you can use different colors of the pigment to come up with creative illustrations on your nails. Convert the nails into your creative canvas that expresses your personality in front of others. Here are some of the unique and innovative ideas that you can implement in an attempt to make the other around you wonder during the holiday season.

Skulls and aliens

When it comes to being spooky, what can be best than aliens and skulls? You can simply make use of green, white, and black nail polish to make the illustrations on your nails. Apply the black matte polish on the nails and then make use of green to make alien faces. You should make use of white polish, on the other hand, nails to make skulls on them.

That blood stains

Bloodstains are always perfect for making a spooky appearance in from of others and what can be best than plain white nail polish on with bloodstains on the corner nails, just like you have put your hands in blood. You can make the design by applying white nail polish on your all the nails of both hands and then taking a cotton bud to make blood stains by using red nail polish.

Cool pumpkins

When it comes to Halloween, pumpkins are always perfect to match the theme of the event; instead of being extra spooky, you can introduce a better creative and sarcastic approach. Apply any of your favorite colors on the nails, and they use orange pigment from custom nail polish boxes to draw the pumpkins. You can make them look even cool by introducing glasses on them, just like a sarcastic emoji.

Bats on red

Seeing bats in a dark and reddish evening can result in goosebumps, and what if you can visualize it on your nails? Nails can serve as your creative canvas during Halloween, and you can make use of red nail polish to create a scene of a dark evening. Further, you can make use of the black nail polish to make a bat vector on the red background to visualize the spookiness.

Matte Skeletons

Merging fear with creatively can always be perfect, and you can make use of white and black nail polishes for them. Make use of the black matte nail polish to cover all your nails and let it dry. Once the pigment is dried, use shiny white nail polish to draw skeletons on it in an attempt to match the theme of the event and reflect your creative skills effectively.

Creepy mummies

When it comes to creepiness, mummies are always perfect, and you can draw them on your nails during Halloween. As the nails are your canvas for the event, paint them black and use white nail polish to draw the effect of bandages on them. Remember to leave space for eyes as they are not covered in mummies. Use white and black dots to draw the eyes.

Torn flesh

The creepiest thing you can ever imagine is torn flesh instead of nails on one person’s hands. You can achieve it by using different sorts of custom nail polish shades that match the hue of your skin along with leaking blood effect on it. Simply search the internet for helping graphics and draw as you desire.

Spider web

Another approach that can help you create a creepy and abandoned vibe is drawing spider web on your nails. You simply want white and black nail polishes for it, along with a thin brush to create the web. Use the white as the background and apply the black polish by using a thin brush to draw the spider web. You can also use black polish to make tiny spiders on them.

What about a coffin?

Another unique idea that you can implement during the Halloween season is by painting your nails like a coffin. Use brown color to draw the line on your nails, just like wood on a coffin, and then use black pigment to draw a cross on it. You can make use of a box for nail polish as a ruler to make the line more perfect.