Top 4 Safety Rules to Follow Around Fire Pit

Setting up a fire pit is an amazing job. From enjoying a nice barbeque to sitting and chilling with friends and families, fire pits will undoubtedly make the moments memorable. Not to mention, a well-designed fire pit will increase the value and appearance of your home. 

But before you start using the fire pit, you need to take some time to know the basics of fire pit safety. From identifying the correct type of woods to establishing accurate placement, you need to keep in mind some basic safety regarding the fire pits. As you know fire is dangerous and capable of destroying anything, you should not take the safety rules lightly. Enjoying around the fire pit is good but that doesn’t mean you should forget the safety protocols. 

In this article, we will discuss the top safety rules you need to know around fire pits. 

Check the Weather Condition

Before you light a fire in your fire pit, make sure you check the local weather forecast. This is because weather plays an important role in the safety of the fire pit. Don’t use fire pits on windy days. Not only you will have to struggle to light up the fire but also wind could blow fire sparks to nearby bushes or furniture. This could cause a fire breakout. 

Apart from that, make sure you check the wind direction before lighting the fire pit. Advise your friends or families or guests to sit on the upwind side so that you can keep them clear of the smoke. If you happen to have a portable fire pit, move the fire pit to a location that has a natural windbreak. 

Don’t Use Construction Lumber as Fuel

You can use some branches of a damaged oak tree to fuel your fire. Apart from that, you can also purchase seasoned longs or hardwood kindling as they will burn efficiently. Some people use softwoods such as pine, but keep in mind that softwoods burn less efficiently and they can create more smoke and sparks that could make your evening less pleasant. 

However, you should not use construction materials such as pressure-treated boards, MDF, chemical wood pallets, or plywood. As per NCHH, most of the construction lumbers are treated with chemicals. Burning them would emit toxic fumes that could pose serious health threats upon inhaling. 

Keep the Chairs and Other Wooden Furniture Away

Everyone knows the damages and fatality of fire so they choose to be careful around the fire pit. However, during some windy weather conditions, wooden chairs might get too close to fire pits and end up catching fire. So, make sure the chairs are at a safe distance from the fire pit. Additionally, roll up the sleeve of your shirt and tie your hair back while lighting the fire or toasting the food. If your fire pit happens to have a fire pit cover, don’t forget to use it. 

Drink Responsibly

Alcohol is a catalyst to fire. Not only it’s highly flammable, but over-consuming alcohol will affect your judgment, coordination, and reflexes. This could result in injuries to the guests gathered around the perimeter of the fire pit. If you’ve arranged drinks and your guests are going to consume alcohol by an open fire, make sure you alert them. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy and keep everybody safe from the fumes. 


These are the top 4 safety rules you need to follow around a fire pit. Apart from these safety protocols, store the firewood safely and don’t ever leave your fire unattended. You’re lighting the fire pit to enjoy the moment, not to make it a complete disaster. 

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