Whenever you enter any online competition, you hope to win it. You should not stop only creating outstanding entries like entering any writing competition, photo contest, or recipe contest. If you send the entries and sit back to find out who the winner is, you are using the wrong technique.

Most creative contests use the technique of votes to determine the winners. Some of these contests use a voting system to narrow down the selection process. It helps to pick up the finalist before the final judgment. Whereas in some competitions, the judges select the finalist and leave it to the voting system to determine the winner. It means that if an individual creates creative content for the contest to win it, they must also have a strategy to procure the vote. Here are seven techniques of how you can get votes for your online contests.

  1. Ask from your family members and friend.

It is one of the best sources to gather votes. You can ask your virtual friends or even family members to vote. You can also join a sweepstakes club that helps you to earn votes. In that platform, you can also get support from those whom you support. Also, you can connect with people on Twitter or Instagram to get votes.

  1. Take the help of Facebook.

There are various ways to build a network that can help you to get votes. Facebook happens to be one of them. You can join any vote exchange group that can help you to earn votes. You can also remind your friends to vote for you. Besides, you can also create your voting group. You can also take the help of various Facebook games like candy crush or Farmville, where you can even trade various in-game gifts for votes.

  1. Put the voting link on your signature.

If you tend to participate in any online forum, you can use the voting link on your signature. It can make people vote for you. You can also use it as your email signature with the link to your contest entry. It can also encourage everyone to vote for you.

  1. Choose to use the vote exchange forums.

Many saving forums offer the candidates the opportunity to request votes for their contest entry. If you support the other forum member, you can ask for votes in exchange for that. But make sure that you offer a vote in exchange for the vote that you get.

  1. Have your giveaway

If you encourage people to vote for you, you can hold a small giveaway. But make sure that you are careful with your technique. It is a tit for tat situation. You can also use the giveaway to spread more about the contest. But make sure that you follow the fair game. Some of these contests prohibit the idea of giveaways to encourage voting. It can also disqualify your candidature.

  1. Take the help of flyers.

You can also design some funny and eye-catching flyers. It can attract other people to know more about the contest. You can also add a QR code that helps you to collect the vote. Make sure that you use the contest link and website so that more people can participate in the contest.

  1. Put it on social media.

You can take the help of the social media community to get votes. While you choose this platform, make sure that you respect the code of conduct of the various social media. If you do not maintain it, then you will be banned from the service.

You can earn legitimate votes using the tips mentioned above. If you tend to get illegitimate or spam votes, the contest can disqualify your entry. Make sure that you look forward to the various rules and regulations of the contest before applying.

Note: Popular companies join for simple contests. These contests need multiple unique IP addresses to get more votes. So you can buy unique IP votes from vote sellers.