Sometimes you miss people you have not seen for days, months or even years and sometimes you miss somebody right after they drop you off at your home or walk out of your house. Both the situations are okay, it’s just your heart’s way of telling you that you really love that person, whether it’s your romantic partner, friends, cousins, or anybody else. You might be knowing that person for years or maybe for just a couple of hours- either way, missing somebody means irrespective of the time period you both have known each other or have spent with each other, you have started to enjoy their company. They make your heart happy! 

 The thing is, it’s not easy to deal with the feeling of missing someone. You might be a mature adult but your heart, when it comes to feelings, is always going to behave like a little baby who doesn’t understand why somebody you love has to be away from you sometimes. It is not easy to not be able to just go and hug somebody when you are missing him or her, it is not easy to accept the fact either that you can’t do so at that point, which makes the whole thing even harder. 

There are quite a few things that you can do when you are missing somebody for them to know about it, for example, you can just give them a call and talk to them, leave them a text saying they are being missed, put up a picture with them on social media to tell the whole world that you are missing him or her, or you can send a thoughtful gift that’s going to bring a smile on their face. 

Incase you are looking for gifts to send to somebody you miss, whether it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, children, parents, friends, siblings, cousins, ex-colleagues, or anybody else, we have made a list of gift ideas to help you out:

  • A freshly baked cake  

A freshly baked cake not just smells amazing but tastes super yummy as well. It’s the perfect way to tell somebody that they are being missed immensely by you. If you are looking for cakes online to send to somebody anywhere in India, you should definitely check out the collection on Bloomsvilla– they have a wide variety of amazing options that you can choose from for your loved ones!

  • The long-distance lamps 

Long-distance lamps are a super cool gift for any kind of long distance relationships. You can give it to your partner, friends, parents, or anybody who is close to your heart but is physically living miles away from you. These lamps light up when either one of you touch your respective lamp, so if you are missing him or her, all you have to do is touch the lamp and that’s it, the other lamp will light up too to convey the message! 

  • A care package 

Make a package which consists of products like body butter, bath bombs, face masks, candles, etc. and you can also add a few food items like candies, biscuits, dry fruits, Nutella, and more. Basically everything that shows you care about the other person and he or she is deeply loved by you.

  • “I miss you” chocolates 

Customised chocolates which have the words “I MISS YOU” written on them are a very special gift to send to somebody you are missing. They are thoughtful and well, yummy too! 

In case you can’t find these special chocolates, you can send normal chocolates with an “I miss you” note, it’s sweet too. 

  • Extra fluffy blanket 

A fluffy blanket is a perfect gift for somebody who is currently physically away from you- it is a way to silently say “I miss you and I hope this blanket keeps you warm until I get to give you my warm cozy hugs and cuddles”. It’s a very adorable and thoughtful gift. 

  • A handwritten letter 

Handwritten letters will never go out style. In a world where every conversation takes place digitally, a handwritten letter is considered to be something very personal and special. Sit down with a paper, or a hundred, and pour your heart out. Tell them how much you love them, how important they are in your life and how much you miss them. This will forever be remembered! 

  • An adorable soft toy

A soft toy is not just adorable but it gives a feeling of love and comfort too. Send a soft toy to your loved one with a message like “I wish I could hug you right now but because I can’t, I am sending this teddy bear to you so that it can carry my hug all the way for you. Hug it tight till I can give you one of my bone crushing hugs!”. Such a wonderful and adorable gift. 

  • A bouquet of fresh flowers 

Flowers are perfect for literally any and every occasion, even if you just want to tell somebody you miss him or her. You can send flowers to India from any part of the world by just placing your order online on Bloomsvillafresh flowers will be delivered at your loved one’s doorstep any day you want and at any time you want. Yes, you read that right. Beautiful fresh flower arrangements are now just a click away and so is happiness! 

If you are missing somebody, even if it is a friend you are no longer in touch with, let him or her know. Yes, things might have gone wrong in the past and maybe it was your fault or maybe it was the other person’s. But we all have just one life to live and that too a pretty short one, so till the time we are here, why not just sort out our problems, love one another and be happy via order online christmas cake? So, whether it’s your partner with whom you have had a fight the night before and now you are missing him or her, or your long lost friend with whom you are no longer in touch with, your parents who live in another city, your sibling who is in a different state,or anybody you miss at the moment, let them know- life is too short for regrets and unconveyed feelings!


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