Top Approaches To Pricing Closet Systems

Custom Closet Pricing – Everything You Need To Know

Everybody is different and has distinct types of storage needs. Some people like walk-in closets, some people want a closet with more shelves, some people like closets filled with mirrors, and so on. With so many options and so many preferences, budget sometimes becomes a problem. People often ask how much a custom closet costs, but the answer isn’t that simple. Various things exist in the market with each having a particular price range. Many elements come into play when deciding the price of the custom closet, space needs to be measured, the stuff needed would be differently priced, home visits are involved.

But there are some approaches that you can use which can help you determine the pricing of the closet system:

1. The size you need

The size of your closet plays a huge role in the pricing. The larger the closet the more the price. A walk-in closet would cost more than a wardrobe closet. Even modifications in the bedroom would cost more. Plus, other factors come into play like the type of wood used, is it automatic, the type of lights used in the closets, etc.

You can always reduce the components used in your bedroom if you want to reduce the cost, this is what closet systems Toronto would suggest. Minimalism is a way of life that people are going towards now, so even by reducing the number of shelves, your closet would look beautiful. for more information.

2. Have a chat with a custom closet company

If you came across an image from the internet and fell in love with it but think it would be outside of the budget that you decided for yourself, just talk to a professional closet company in Toronto. Nothing is better than having a conversation with professionals about your requirements. They also suggest keeping the designs practical and realistic, to make the price manageable.


Tell the professionals your ideas, what type of materials you want, what type of closet you want, the size of your closet, so that they can help you get a clear idea of what the pricing would be, tentatively. Largely, if it is a custom closet, the price will depend on you. Everything will be according to you; your input will be their plan.

The designer will guide you through everything. From what color would look good to what type of closet would be your style the best. They will also make a 3D design before and show you. So, you can keep adding or subtracting things you don’t like. They can make the image of the perfect closet that you have in mind come through, with what you have in your pocket.

3. Deciding colors and how they affect the price

A closet is something that is private and just for yourself. We already discussed above how your designs can be put from theory into something real, by the professionals. But the cost depends on the materials and even color. Materials like melamine and wood are used for closets. They are considered to be the best options. The type of wood will decide the durability of your closet. People opt to go for safer options like plywood because it is warp-resistant. Plywood is a material that is made up of gluing together thinner sheets of wood. Another type could be Medium-Density Fiberboards or MDF. MDF is more durable and cost-effective.


Melamine material is very light, but it is also very durable. This makes it a top choice for closets. If you are not going for permanency, then when using melamine, you can move around and easily restyle your closet, this is what closet companies Toronto says. Depending on these, the price may vary. If you do think that the design is going over your budget, go for simpler materials and designs. The simpler the design the more feasible the price. If you go for white colors rather than others, it would also result in prices being more achievable.

4. Prioritize cabinets

Little things like belts, ties, and jewelry are expensive things and need to be separately organized. Prioritize what you need and what cabinets are needed more than the others. Professionals like, closet systems Toronto, would suggest more customization options where you can have two types of divisions in the same cabinet. This would not only decrease the space taken but also would decrease visual traffic.

The cabinets would also depend on the size of the closet. The bigger the closet the more cabinets can be added. But that depends on you. If you have stuff you can go for more cabinets so that your stuff looks more organized and clean.

5. Go for versatility

Customize your closet so that it can look good with everything. You can get options to make the cabinets and your closet customizable even after installing. Gone are the days with rigid and permanent shelves and organizers. Make sure you are designing a closet that can be adjusted. Like a removable rod from shelves. Modify as you go, that is what closet companies Toronto suggests.


Usually, your designer will do everything for you. But a custom closet means that a part of you will be involved in it and the magic here is that you control the price. Get a simple closet the price would be lower, if you get creative with it, the price would increase according to that. Some companies provide free consultation as well, talk to closet companies GTA and learn more.

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