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TheExpertasia Bully Camp, we providebothindividual and group dog training chiang mai courses.

During our dog trainingclasses, we concentrate oninteraction and obedience.

Dog education

Education is an essential toolto acquire essentialknowledge andabilities.

Do youknow?

Like everyhuman on earthhas distinct fingerprints, everydoghas a uniquesnout.

Each and every child needsto beeducated togain the necessary knowledge and abilities. Dogsmust alsobeeducated in ordertomake a positive integration withtheir social group onone hand,and inyourfamily and societyin the second.

The process of educating a dog involves learningto look at it, tofeel it, respectit,and to be able to appreciateit.

Toteach a dog,it is essential to show respect for each other.

The language of dogs is unique to them.You can learntospeak with dogs with the help ofourqualified and experiencedprofessional dog trainers.

Our dog training courses

For puppiesor an adult petevery learning process must be completedin a progressive manner.

Individual dog training classes

During your first classwe willreview your currentrelationshipwith your dog.In this time, an educationalplan will be developed.In the following, the dog willbepart ofour group lessons(maximumthat there are fivedogsonout in the field).

Group lessons

Dogs are socialized byinteraction with other dogs as well asbecoming aware of their vocal cues as well asbody language.The socialization process for puppiesstarts in thelitter.They will then begin to interactwith other dogsas well asfamilies and human beings. Theperiod of socialization ofa dog takes 2-3months.This is when weteachsocial skills and positive interactionswithhumans and dogs.

Many games and canine activitieswill be used to improvethebond betweencanines and the owners.Through this, the dogs willdevelop sociability andobedience.

Sociability & Games

The first lesson will beaseriesof gamesforyour dogduring the firstindividual lessons.We will then develop theseinto small-sized groups. Wegive specialattention to yourpetthroughout these training sessions. Weoperate in aatmosphere where dogs feelrelaxed, safeandare loved. Ourprimary focus is



Obeyance is the foundation forlife between you andyourdog. It islearned and taughtby establishing a pleasantandpositiverelationship with your dog. We rewardwithsnacks, toys and fungames.The main goal is his happinessand a strong connectionwith him.

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