It’s impossible to imagine the modern world without effective logistics. Nowadays more and more businesses go online. It’s not a problem to order a new T-shirt from the other side of the globe anymore. Yet, business owners experience new challenges. For them, it becomes of prime importance to organize a smooth functioning of the supply chain and find a reliable freight forwarding partner.

If you are an entrepreneur, there is a list of definite questions you are to ask a broker you are going to cooperate with. Otherwise, the chances you lose both your money and time are rather high. The most significant questions are the following:

  • Where do you work?

There are companies that are able to transport cargo from any state even to the most remote areas. At the same time, there are firms that work only within one state. Some enterprises are interested in international deliveries. Thus, you have to clarify whether a broker can transport your cargo to the needed destination.

  • How many vehicles do you possess?

Nowadays one of the most crucial problems in the logistics industry is a lack of both vehicles and drivers. It’s necessary to be sure that a forwarder is able to meet the needs of your business. For some of the entrepreneurs, it’s necessary to transport one container per week while others desire to deliver items every day.

  • Who should deal with all that paperwork?

Paperwork is one of the most exhausting and overwhelming stages of shipping. Even one missed figure may lead to catastrophic consequences. 3PL brokers are able to cover all the needed aspects of the transportation process and even deal with all the paperwork. At the same time, there are some firms that demand shippers to gather and provide all the documents by themselves.

  • How long does it take to deliver cargo from point A to point B?

If you hear the definite terms, it’s better to look for other carriers. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Yet, the thing is that the deadlines depend on a wide range of factors. If you are interested in the extra fast delivery, it’s better to cooperate with an expedited trucking company.

  • What coverage plans do you offer?

Freight delivery services are impossible without insurance. It’s better to select more comprehensive plans while shipping is always a rather risky process.

  • How much should I pay?

It’s not a good idea to choose the cheapest service you find on the Internet. It’s up to you to look for services providing top-quality options at reasonable prices.

It’s definitely not the whole list of questions that may be discussed with your potential logistics partners. If you deal with non-standard items or need to transport chemicals or hazardous substances, it’s also necessary to clarify whether the company you are interested in is able to deal with the target freight.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that before you sign in any agreement with a freight forwarder, it’s necessary to learn all the details and clarify all the doubtful aspects. Moreover, nowadays there are so many available carriers and brokers. Even the most demanding clients are able to find an ideal freight forwarder.