Mental health Issues

There’s no denying the fact transgender are still ostracized from society. People have a weird way of looking at them. While the majority of rights are in their interest, the world doesn’t accept them. This is why their mental health is usually at the receiving end of the damage. 

And since mental health has become the topic of discussion, transgender are always brought to the dinner table. Below, we have mentioned a few reasons why transgender has mental health issues:

They Are Physically Tortured

While transgender have a better life in the US and well-developed countries, they are not better off in developing nations. Such countries are still struggling with legalizing them. This is why transgender are always assaulted there. If you check on the internet, you will find tons of cases. 

Every year, several community members are killed, assaulted and molested. This is why their mental health suffers a lot. 

They Don’t Get White Collar Jobs Easily

Today, almost everyone wants to get a white-collar job in the first place. After all, it is a means to earn more money and have a better life. Unfortunately, transgender aren’t lucky in this regard. They have to suffer a lot at the hands of society. 

They are brutally tortured, humiliated, and assaulted. Some workplaces have a history of discriminating between transgender people and regular people. This makes it hard for the transgender to get good positions in offices. 

They Are Emotionally Abused Online

We live in the digital age, wherein online trolling has become the need of the hour. This emotional abuse becomes mental torture at one point in time. This is when transgender people can’t take it anymore. This is why transgender healthcare is usually started with providing them emotional support.

Almost every transgender has gone through some emotional and physical abuse in their life. This is why their mental health is at the receiving end of the damage. 

They Have to Leave Family

The worst feeling in the world is not being accepted by society. Transgender people have to leave family and people whom they love. Most families will not accept transgender and will ostracize them. This affects the mental health of the person who is being boycotted.

Unless society doesn’t change, we don’t change, the world will be the same place. So it’s crucial to accept them as a part of society for them to have a better life. 

They Can’t Attend Normal Schools and Colleges

Education is a basic human right. And transgender are deprived of even that. This is shameful for mankind since millions of transgender don’t even make it to college and universities. Even if they do, they are abused by fellow students. Several cases of transgender abuse have been reported in the past. 

This is why most trandgender kids are early dropouts. They are too afraid to visit a normal school. They will stay at home. Their mental health suffers the most. Their parents decide to not send them to school.