Wedding planning is not just about the bride – this one is for the boys! 

Today’s topic is wedding suits for groom. 

Suit planning should not be left to chance or til the last minute in planning. There are so many fashionable choices for men nowadays it’s important to take time when deciding. This may be one of the few occasions when you get to dress up, so why not make the most out of it? Keep on reading to discover the latest and greatest groom suit ideas 2022 and advice on how to pick the best outfit for you! 

Budget Advice

The price of formal wear for the groom is generally lower in comparison to wedding dress cost. According to the Easy Weddings Australia website, the average amount of money you’ll spend to look dashing on your wedding day depends on the state in which you live:

  • New South Wales – $1,621 
  • South Australia – $1,583 
  • Victoria – $1,580 
  • Australian Capital Territory – $1,360 
  • Queensland – $1,290 
  • Western Australia – $997


These are considerable amounts of money, especially when you are planning your wedding on a budget. There is also the option of hiring a suit, but the decision depends on your budget and body type. Men’s suits require more fitting than women’s attire by nature and a rental, prêt-a-porter suit may not flatter you if you have an unusual body type. You may also find it uncomfortable to wear during your wedding day.

Some grooms choose a pre-loved suit which is more affordable and can be fitted to suit their silhouette, unlike a rented one.

The price also depends on the type of wedding suit you choose – classic tux, casual suit, double breasted suit, 3-piece, etc.

Casual suits are worth buying because you can re-use them multiple times, while a tux with a unique pattern or bold colour is very likely to remain for the rest of its life in your  wardrobe, after spending as much as AUD$2000 on it.

Getting the Right Fit

Picking the right style is not nearly as difficult as finding the right fit. Here is what you should be looking for in order to find that perfect fit:

  • Buying your own suit

Aside from keeping it as a memento of the happy day, buying your own suit comes with numerous advantages such as being able to modify it.

  • Get a made to measure groom suit

Made to measure suits can turn out amazing on the condition that you pick an experienced tailor. The skills and talent of the tailor will ensure that the finished product reaches the highest standards, while your job will be to decide on the fabrics, colours, and patterns.

  • Order the wedding suit early

Place your order at least two months before the happy event so you have plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments. 

  • Wedding suit versus wedding tuxedo

Tuxedos are more formal and are worn for evening weddings, while daytime weddings require a suit. Also consider the climate when it comes to picking your suit style.

  • Choose the right fit

A skilled tailor or sales advisor should help you determine the fit that suits your body type best:

  • Regular fit

This classic style is very comfortable because the suit fits loosely around the body. The regular fit is recommended to large, muscular body types.

  • Slim fit

Slim fits are increasingly popular in the last years and they enable grooms to highlight their athletic bodies. The slim fit can be recognised by the narrower cut around the arms, chest, and waist. 

  • Custom fit

If none of the two fits described above complement your body or you want a groom suit that fits your body perfectly, you can choose a made to measure wedding suit. As previously mentioned this type of suit is based on your own specific body measurements and is custom crafted by a tailor.

Groom Suit Trends in 2022

Choosing your suit as groom in 2022 is now as exciting as picking a wedding dress is for the bride, this is because fashion for men is becoming more and more interesting and creative. 

  • Colours

Groom suit ideas in 2022 are based on bold, bright and daring colours. You can express your unique and adventurous fashion sense without fearing judgment. You can choose anything from pastel shades to navy blues, burgundy, and tangerine. Now you have the possibility to experiment with a diverse colour palette and give up the cookie cutter black or grey classic suit. 

  • Style

Pick the right for you depending on preferences, wedding theme, and body type:

  • The classic suit

The classic suit usually comes in black, grey, or navy and is paired with a white shirt. This is one of the most popular options and is preferred by grooms who are not accustomed to wearing a suit. You can always upgrade with modern variations such as patterns or bold colours.

  • The three-piece suit

For a more formal look, pick a three-piece suit that includes a vest – you will definitely attract everybody’s attention!

  • Black-tie

Black-tie suits are an excellent option if your wedding theme is elegant or luxury. The tuxedo is super-stylish and your wedding may be the only occasion when you get to wear the pinnacle of men’s fashion.

  • Smart-casual

Are you more of a hipster or the relaxed style? This type of suit is often accessorised with suspenders or floral bow ties and it can be combined with your favourite sneakers.

  • Prints

2022 has brought more patterns and more textures – bolder and more diverse than ever. You can take it as far as including floral prints in your wedding attire by wearing a floral shirt, a floral print tie, a floral bow tie, a floral print vest, or even a floral suit if you are crazy enough and it matches your personality.

  • Accessories

These are not just for the bride and can totally upgrade a classical suit or simple smart casual outfit to an unforgettable appearance. Consider the following accessories:

  • Pocket square;
  • Boutonniere;
  • Tie or bow;
  • Belt or suspenders;
  • Cufflinks.

Matching the Wedding Theme and Venue

A certain level of well-thought planning in the fashion department does have the potential of upgrading your wedding game and providing a more luxury feel. 

A boho wedding will require a smart-casual suit with interesting, yet informal accessories and patterns.

A modern wedding matches with a classical suit in a beautiful colour, other than the traditional black and grey.

A beach wedding goes well with warm, neutral tones, while bolder colours are reserved for the accessories. 

The elegant wedding allows you to wear a tuxedo and create a sophisticated look.

Quirky weddings are increasingly common these days and enable couples to fully express their personality and fashion sense. 

Tropical weddings allow you to wear all things bright, which could mean rocking a bold burgundy tuxedo or wearing orange accessories.

A more playful, fun wedding gives you space to get a little kitschy, with unconventional colour palettes and crazy patterns. 

No matter what the wedding theme and suit style is, make sure the groom’s wedding attire matches your personality and you feel comfortable in it. You only look good and confident in an outfit when you like it and when you feel good in it.

Groomsmen Suit Trends

Groomsmen suits also need to be thoughtfully planned because they also have an impact on the aesthetics of your wedding. Grooms need to be sure that their suit distinguishes itself, ensuring that the groom doesn’t blend in with the groomsmen. 

That’s not to say you can’t have a bit of fun with the groomsmen suits by following the new trend of choosing mismatching groomsmen suits. Forget about the nondescript suit style of old days and enable the groomsmen to show their individual personalities through varied groomsmen outfits – make sure there is a common element that shows guests that they are your team.

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