Electric Fireplace Industry

Global electric fireplace industry is anticipated to expand in US $2.4 billion by 2021 and is forecast to rise at a CAGR of 15.7%. The rising demand for safe and efficient heating systems is one of the reasons that have contributed to the growth of the industry. Rising concern about health issues, environmental and financial issues have also led to the rise in popularity of this product. Rising popularity is attributed to the numerous health benefits associated with using an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are known for their safety feature and ease of use.

Rising popularity in the US led to an increase in sales of electric fireplaces in Canada and Australia as well. In addition to these key countries, European nations like France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, the UK and others have also shown keen interest in investing in the electric fireplace industry. In fact, the European Commission has made it mandatory for all member states of the Union to offer and install flame resistant heating equipment. Flame resistant heaters have been a much in demand item in these key countries.

There are different varieties available in the Electric Fireplace Market. One such variety is Boge Technology. Boge Technology is a revolutionary concept that offers a number of innovative features for the safe and efficient use of the Electric Fireplace. It includes but not limited to Heat Pump Systems, Gas generators, and JetMaster Technology. Heat pump systems and gas generator enable heat from the fireplace to be transferred efficiently through the air ducts into the room.

Most Electric Fireplace manufacturers offer advanced and high-quality flame technology to meet the needs of the customers worldwide. Some of the best brands in the Electric Fireplace Market include Boge, Eureka, Heilsa, iRune, and Miele. You can buy the Electric Fireplaces either as kits or as wall mounted units. Wall mounted units are compact and ideal for use in studio apartments or small spaces.

The Electric Fireplace Manufacturers like Eureka, Boge, and Miele have come up with a wide range of options in Electric Fireplace Options. This wide range of choices includes Multi-Fuel Combination, Propane/LP, Multi-fuel, and Vented Models. One of the major USPs of Electric Fireplaces manufactured by the Electric Fireplace Manufacturers is their easy installation and maintenance services. The easy installation procedures of Electric Fireplace make them more user-friendly and reduces any chance of any kind of complication. The companies help their clients with useful tips that will help them install their products effectively.

Apart from the varied models of Electric Fireplaces that the Electric Fireplace Manufacturers have to offer, they also manufacture a wide range of accessories to go along with the Electric Fireplace. The accessories of an Electric Fireplace include a remote control ignition system, electric fireplace surround, adjustable shelf, glass doors, wood-burning inserts, and many more. Electric fireplaces help people to be more eco-friendly. They do not require any kind of fuel or wood to operate and are safe to use in any part of the country. Since the electric fireplace produces little to no smoke and does not produce any ashes, they make great substitutes for the traditional fireplace.

The Electric Fireplace industry has developed so much that the Electric Fireplace Companies have started producing Eco-friendly products such as electric fireplaces that run on alternative fuels such as natural gas and coal, and use wood only for the purpose of burning. These eco-friendly products are becoming very popular because they produce less smoke and they are very clean to use. Also, the Eco-friendly versions are very easy to use and maintain. There are other companies that manufacture hybrid versions of electric fireplaces also. Some of the most famous brands of Electric Fireplaces in the world are Brinkmann, Kabloom, Heilsa, and Emory.

In addition to the Electric Fireplace Industry, there is another important sector of the industry that is also growing like wildfire – the Real Estate and Property Appraiser/ Assessment professionals. As the demand for Electric Fireplaces and other new high-end electric fireplaces increases, there will be increased demand for the property assessors who will certify properties for electric fireplaces and other new construction projects. They are responsible for determining the value of homes, apartments, condos, and commercial properties. It is their job to determine whether or not a property is worth building over, and whether it would be better to tear it down and buy a new one. Therefore, it’s wise to get a professional Electric Fireplace Appraiser before you buy a home or after you sell your home.