Birthday Party Ideas

Few things in life compare to spending quality time with friends. Guys are mostly simple beings and want to have fun with the least amount of hassle involved. Once someone is single, it’s that much easier to plan for any activity. Recharging your batteries and having fun come in all forms, and there is no shortage of choices to make. Without further ado, let’s get started! Planning is half the battle!

1. Movie night.

Grab popcorns, and order pizza, beer and snacks. Slouch back and prepare to be entertained. Whether you are going for old classic or modern blockbusters, there is no shortage of movies to watch. Online reviews from anyone else but the critics provide a genuine insight into what you want to watch. Distance is be traversed with online movie hosting, so you have no excuses even if you are far away from one another. Nowadays everything is online, so why not make movie nights in the same fashion?

2. Self-care gifts

Nothing is more handsome than a well-groomed man that keeps his appearance tidy. Here you have a wide selection of shaving sets, perfumes, gels, body wash, trimers, creams and other accessories that will make him shine! When you want to show your male friend that you care, a little gift goes a long way!

3. Hit the town

For when you want to mix things up and have more social and outdoor adventures, a night out is perfect! Blowing off steam and letting go comes easy when you are club surfing. Bars, restaurants, and events are just the tip of the iceberg. Beach parties, sensual and luxurious Melbourne brothels, street races, gambling, whatever floats your boat is available and waiting. The more you step out of your comfort zone, the greater the chances of experiencing something brand new!

4. Outback camping

If your friend loves nature, then bring the party outside! Camp parties let you go wild and free. Booze, meat, grill, barbeque and marvel at the sights that change before your very eyes. Once you go camping, you have a place to crash after you go hiking and drinking for the entire day. Sitting around the campfire while night falls and sharing tales is one of life’s greatest delights.

Apart from sitting in a bar or cruising thru a concrete jungle, camping is the next best thing. Being in nature is healthy and liberating, for being in the outdoors and away from society lets you be free from social norms and restraints. Besides a river, ocean or a hill it matters little where you camp. What matters most is the company and preparation. Tent, supplies and logistics will make for this endeavour to be an unforgettable one.

5. Go racing

Go carts or other types of racing cars, few men can resist the sound of a roaring engine. Your local tracks have free slots for when you want to indulge in that need for speed. Being on a race court, where you can race safely and professionally is the proper way to go. Go-karts are widely available, and you can make a small competition while you race. Or you can go for the real race car experience and burn some gas and rubber! Experiencing how it feels to be a race car driver is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And that’s what birthdays are all about, making new experiences. 

6. Rent a brewery

Why not go all out and organise with some friends? The more the merrier. Throwing a surprise birthday party at a local brewery or a pub just for him will surely bring a smile to his face. And few things can top the feeling of having a brewery all for oneself. The sheer amount of care and happiness this will bring to any man’s life can only be celebrated with a round of ale! While this event will make for an excellent gift, the memories tend to get fuzzy, so keep a camera ready while you can still aim straight.

It’s the thought that counts, as the old saying goes. Completely true as your friends will forever cherish the unique experience you gifted to them. Apart from gifts, friendships last forever and celebrating all those years that you spend alongside one another has no price. We wish you all the best!