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One of Pakistan’s earliest modern housing communities is University Town Islamabad. It was founded in 1992 and fully unveiled in all its grandeur in 2005. It’s a seductive society with a compelling atmosphere. It is adjacent to Islamabad’s New International Airport and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

It offers all of the amenities and services that a family may want in a housing project. Everything is taken care of, including safety, education, healthcare, entertainment, commercial activity, events, gyms, parks, salons, low-cost plots, low-rents, opulent lives, and so on.

Mr Abdul, the society’s proprietor, has gone to great lengths to ensure that it is a nice, inexpensive, and secure environment. He has employed top-notch engineers and developers to keep his promise of creating a community where individuals from all walks of life will be able to own plots and build their own houses. It would give inhabitants with the ideal living atmosphere and living space. You may also like to learn about the Blue World City.

Owners and developers :

university Town Pvt. Ltd. is the developer of this beautiful housing society. It was the brainchild of Mr Abdul Aziz Khan. He was a professor by profession but his craving and passion for a desirable and affordable housing project got him into the real estate sector.


it is located close to M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and New International Airport Islamabad. It physically falls into the territorial jurisdiction of Rawalpindi but it is adjacent to the sectors of Islamabad Captial Territory I-17, H-17, and G-13.

In its locality, there are many other famous housing societies as well. Among those are Blue World City, Qurtaba City, Top City, and Mumtaz City. Get the idea from Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

University town noc:

A NOC is the most important condition for every newly created housing development. This is why the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), RDA/MP&TE/F–PHS – 43/1873, issued the NOC to University Town, Mouza Banjial, Rawalpindi on 09-05-2006.

We constantly advise our valued readers and clients that before making a property purchase, you must first obtain a lawfully granted No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the city’s competent development body, and then proceed with the transaction procedure.


university Town Islamabad`s location provides access from several major ways around it, as follows:

  • Approx 06 min drive from M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
  • Approx 20 drive from Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Approx 05 min drive from Link Road، University Town, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Approx 13 min drive from Srinagar Highway Islamabad
  • Approx 07 min drive from Nun Road, Bijnial, Rawalpindi, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
  • Approx 12 min drive from N-80, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Nearby housing society:

Rawalpindi’s university town, Mouza Banjial, is adjacent to numerous major sites and residential areas. If you’re coming from the Srinagar Highway or the Peshawar Islamabad highway, all you have to do is turn left into the University Town link road, then right onto University Town Road, where you’ll see the main gate of the University Town housing society right in front of you. The following are some of the possible entry points:

  • Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Blue World City Islamabad
  • Capital Smart City Islamabad
  • Eighteen (Housing Society)
  • Qurtaba City Islamabad
  • Top City Islamabad
  • Mumtaz City Islamabad
  • Sector I-16 Islamabad
  • Sector I-17 Islamabad
  • Thalian
  • Kolian
  • Lakhu
  • Dhok Chaudhrian
  • Katarian
  • Paswal Sharif

University Town Islamabad Master Plan: 

University Town’s extensive master plan has received a lot of appreciation from its recognised investors, as mentioned in the following sections:

University Town Rawalpindi :

It is a lovely housing society with magnificent scenery surrounding it that offers every facility at affordable prices. There are six blocks in total: A, B, C, D, E, and F. The development of half of these blocks is complete, while the development of the other blocks is ongoing.

University Town Rawalpindi development progress:

University Town developers have reached a significant milestone by completing 80 percent of the project’s work. Blocks A, B, and D have all been completely developed. The plots themselves have been transferred to the consumers as well. The rest of the block is being worked on now. House building has been completed, and some of the inhabitants have moved into their furnished houses. Roads and other infrastructure, such as a park, street lights, and a sewerage system, are all examples of infrastructure.

Plots for Sale and Purchase in University Town Islamabad: 

Plots for sale and purchase in University Town Islamabad are available at reasonable costs when compared to the degree of luxury and tranquilly provided. Plots are available in six blocks in University Town Islamabad.

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