There are several “Build a Nation Strategy Games for 2022” that have just been released, and one of them that has caught the attention of most people is the Holy Kingdom. The Holy Kingdom is a nation that is led by King Kayden Vrbenec, and it’s situated on the continent of Europe. This nation’s government is that of a Monarch with social policies that are considered to be moderate. On the economic front, this monarch also favors moderate policies. Being a brand new nation, it prefers dollars to be its official trading currency.

Its landmass covers an area of 250 square miles and has a modest population of 1, 0000. This means that its national population density averages 4.00. It’s a nation where pollution doesn’t exist. With the inhabitants’ approval of their governments being an average of 59.94%, almost everyone seems to be happy. Other features that separate this “Build a nation Game” from others include sheep, which is a state animal, and it’s among the few nations globally that don’t have a religion.

The Holy Kingdom’s Military

The nation’s military is ranked in position 15,194 of 18,118 and it is generally moderately powerful.  The turtle represents its war policy and its soldiers have enough equipment b to protect its citizens and its territorial integrity. Aircraft, tanks, and warships that are supported by powerful spies are among the best military assets that the Holy Kingdom relies on to ensure its borders are safe. The military might of this nation is supported by well-trained spies.

Create a Nation According to Your Political Ideals

In this build a nation game, you can craft a strategy and create your preferred nation based on the political ideals that suit your leadership tactics, and which you believe cares for the needs of your people. You can enter into collaborations, and draft political, social, and economic agreements that are a  win-win for everyone. This is usually the route that delivers more benefits for all the nations that are involved.

Choose Oppression as a Nation Building Strategy

Alternatively, other than using diplomatic and economic partnerships to form alliances, you can choose to go for oppressive methods that delicately harass the other nation’s armies, governments, and citizens and force them to tow your line. If they cannot, you can use your military might to make them take the actions that you want them to.

Create Fear and Dominate Over Your Neighbors

Selling fear to other neighboring nations has been used as a way to exert control over them for a long time. You can create and recreate a strategy that is based on what you want to achieve. If you find that your current strategy is not working, you can alter it, increasing or decreasing the number of your forces. You can also increase the number of lethal weapons, and also choose to send more spies to your enemy’s territory.


The Holy Kingdom is one of the many new ”Build the Nation” strategy games where you choose your currency, come up with a social and economic policy that your country will be anchored in. A strong military with mighty firepower to maintain territorial integrity and fight on behalf of the country when need be is established.

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