Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Traverse Trek Highlights

You will pay a go to Shey Gompa, one of the oldest monasteries of the area which displays the twelfth-century records of the area.

On this trek, you may observe the direction to Lo Manthang- the historic nation of Lo.

You could have a closer insight into the existence of Bon Buddhists in Upper Dolpo and Thakali people in Upper Mustang.

You can spend a while across the Shey Phoksundo lake to breathe its pristine and serene surroundings.

If you choose this trek in May, you may actively partake in the proceeding of the Tiji competition.

The Upper Dolpo to Upper Mustang trek takes in two far-off regions which until particularly these days were closed to outsiders. These areas are not like others in Nepal and can be compared in landscape and subculture to Tibet or Ladakh in India. Indeed Dolpo lies between the Tibetan Plateau and the Dhaulagiri mountain stages. This is a long (nearly one month) and challenging trek.

With maximum days spent at altitudes over four,000m and a few high passes over five,000m, an excellent deal of stamina and fitness is wanted to finish this trek. It combines all the principle factors of Dolpo hiking, such as Phoksundo Lake; Shey Monastery; the Crystal Mountain; the Bon Po religion, and rare flora and fauna, together with the snow leopard, with the monasteries, stupas, people, and history of the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang.

Know about Upper Dolpo to mustang trek

Both areas are unforgiving and but people have lived there for hundreds of years, buying and selling goods along ancient salt trails, working what little fertile land there is by using planting potatoes and barley, and being self-sufficient. Mustang handiest formally became part of Nepal inside the Fifties and until some years lower back had its very own king. Mustang is a part of the latest turbulent records of Tibet: freedom fighters installation camps in Mustang from which to assault the Chinese troops.

Starting in Dolpo, this trek passes via forests and remote villages to reach the clean, blue waters of Phoksundo Lake in the first few days. This lake became made well-known, as certainly the entire of Dolpo was, within the Eric Valli movie ‘Himalaya’. Shey Gompa is another well-known landmark and is frequently known as the spiritual heart of Dolpo. Situated at the base of the Crystal Mountain, it and the mountain appeal to loads of pilgrims every year.

Within Upper Mustang, Lo-Manthang is the walled capital of the Kingdom of Lo. Although not the legit king (his throne turned into loss while Nepal have become a Republic in 2008), King, or Gyelpo Jigme Dorje Palbar Bista, still instructions the honor and regard of the locals. It is in Lo-Manthang that the well-known 3-day Tiji Festival is held every May or June. It is also in Mustang that the ‘sky caves’ or the Jhong Cave is located. Some 50 m up a cliff face, the Jhong Cave is notion to be over 800 years old.

The Jhong Cave, which has five stories and a hundred and forty-four rooms, housed valuable wall paintings, centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist doctrine books, and human stays. It appears that there are masses of such caves within the Upper Mustang, which appear like dwellings of an ancient civilization. Set with the backdrop of the Annapurna mountains, Upper Mustang is a bit-explored but precise place.


This trek is clearly something unique, mainly for folks that are interested in charming anthropology, mountain wildlife, and lovely surroundings and who have got a flavor for journey and the important time and fitness stage.

By Alex D