Are you not able to access the web page? If the answer is yes, then get it clear in your head that this isn’t a thing worth stressing over. This article will provide you all the troubleshooting tips that you need in order to get rid of the not working issue.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started users.

How to Troubleshoot Not Working Issue?

  • Solution 1

Ensure that the wall outlet you are using to plug your Netgear router should be damage free. The reason being, a damaged power source might harm your WiFi device and lead to various router issues including not working issue.

  • Solution 2

If you are using an Ethernet cable to build a connection between your Netgear router and modem, then make sure that it us well maintained and dust and damage-free. Moreover you can also connect both your WiFi devices wirelessly.

  • Solution 3

All your cable connections should be finger-tight. Whether it is the LAN cable, Power cable, etc, it shouldn’t be loose. Loose or improper cable connection is one of the major reasons leading to not working issue.

  • Solution 4

Have you checked whether the LED on your Netgear WiFi range extender is solid green? If not, you should now. If the power LED light isn’t stable, then it is recommended that power cycle your extender. Follow the steps mentioned below to know how:

  • Unplug your range extender from the power socket.
  • Once done, wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Now, plug your extender back into the socket and turn it on.
  • See whether the power LED light has turned solid green or not.
  • Solution 5

Update the firmware of your WiFi extender to its latest version. An outdated firmware is another reason why you aren’t able to access the administrative page. In order to update the firmware of your extender, go through the steps outlined below:

  • Once your router and modem have connected properly, switch on your personal computer.
  • Install an internet browser and enter the default IP address in its address bar.
  • As soon as you visit the official site of Netgear, enter the default login details and hit Log In.
  • Click on Settings > Advanced > Firmware Update.
  • If any firmware update is available, click on it and wait for the file to get downloaded.

In case none of the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips have been of help to you, then walk through the additional ones outlined below:

  • Place your Netgear WiFi range extender in the center-most location of your house or office.
  • Make sure that your extender and router are within each other’s range of connectivity.
  • Keep the extender away from transmitting appliances, metal objects, reflexive surfaces, etc.
  • Keep in mind that you are entering the default web address in the address bar instead of the search bar of your web browser.
  • Still not able to access Perhaps, a router isn’t the device that is meant for you. Why don’t you try to perform a setup?