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Five Reasons Why Students Face Difficulty in Essay Writing

Essay writing may be demanding and difficult since it takes mental processing and the ability to connect words coherently and comprehensibly. Many students may lack proficiency in the art of essay writing, and students’ capacity to write varies significantly. There are some reasons for this:

1. Essay Subjects

There is a possibility that the topic of your essay will not be specified precisely, as you may not know how to truly coin your topic. This may pose a challenge to students when it comes to essay writing, especially if the topic is not specified.

2. Beginning the essay

Knowing how to begin an essay might be a challenge for students who are required to write essays. If you are in a classroom setting and are required to write an essay, or if you are taking an examination or a test, you are well aware that you must instantly think of something and know how to begin your essay.

3. Absence of Evidence

When you’re having difficulty writing an essay, it’s a good idea to try adding more instances or facts to back up your claims. Many students often come up with a problem that lacks sufficient proof or evidence, making it more difficult to resolve. Without evidence or knowledge from a fresh source, or even personal instances, the essay will have difficulty defending the issue.

4. Inadequate resources

Usually, a mediocre college student lacks the academic resources required to write an effective essay. The majority of these works are housed in libraries, with restricted access. Certain of these books must be purchased even if the student will only use them once. This implies that students with little financial resources will struggle to purchase these books and compose their essays.

5. Language Expression

If a student does not have a firm grasp of the language, he or she is using to compose an essay, the student may struggle to put words together effectively in essays.

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