Watching sports is no longer about simple enjoyment as most are watching to help them make expert picks when betting on the events. That’s not true for everyone, but it has definitely changed how most people view sporting events.

Another major shift when it comes to sports is that more and more people are simply staying away from the ballpark or stadium and watching games from the comfort of their own homes. Teams are obviously trying to find new ways to get more people in the stands, but those same teams are also jacking up ticket prices.

This is especially true in smaller markets as attendance just continues to dip for some teams. Here are some of the top reasons why watching sports at home is simply better than being at a game in person.


The biggest reason that most people are now staying home rather than going to the ballpark was mentioned in the introduction of this article. It’s simply getting too expensive for people to watch a game in person, especially for those that are wanting to go with their entire family.

Ticket prices are now outrageous regardless of the sport or team, and that’s a trend that is continuing to go in the wrong direction. Even trying to find a ticket at a third-party source has gotten super expensive.

Mix in the cost of lodging, parking, and food prices and people just simply aren’t willing to pay what it takes to go to a game.

Easier to Watch With Friends

Watching a sporting event, especially a big game, has turned into a social event and that’s just too hard to do inside of a stadium. Unless you are able to rent out a suite or a party deck to watch the game, you won’t be able to get the experience of watching with fellow friends.

It is simply easier to gather with friends at home, besides the whole cleaning up after the party issue. This is especially true for events such as the Super Bowl and the Final Four when big parties are usually held.

Better Food Options

Food options at the ballpark have improved tremendously over the last few years, but it’s still food that is cooked and served from a concession stand. Stadiums are always going to have limited food options, and most of it is not going to be healthy, or desirable.

Watching a game from home allows a fan to cook or prepare whatever type of food that they wish, and that usually adds to the experience of watching a game. Some people will still crave ballpark food from time to time, but it isn’t always a big enough reason for them to go to a game.

Parking Is A Nightmare

Professional sports stadiums continue to get better and better, and some have become tourist attractions. It’s worth visiting some stadiums once just to say that you have been there, but that’s about all some people can handle.

One thing that most teams don’t consider when building a new stadium is the parking situation. This can be an absolute nightmare depending on where the stadium is located and it takes some people close to an hour or more just to leave their parking spot.


This one is pretty straightforward, but it is definitely a reason that some people are no longer looking to travel to the ballpark. Some people are simply too lazy and they don’t want to go through the hassle of traveling.

The attention span of most people is also much shorter now then it used to be, and there are too many other things that fans would rather be doing. Staying home and watching the games when it is convenient has become a terrific option.

Better Seats

This kind of falls in line with the whole cost issue, but you are simply going to have a better seat when watching a game from home. You can be right in front of the action when sitting on your coach as opposed to trying to use binoculars to see the action from the upper deck.

The improvement of television has also made this a much better option as the quality of the picture is simply tremendous. Sure, the commercials might be a bit annoying at times, but you can always use that time to visit or grab some more food.