Ways to Make Makeup Packaging Exceptional

Makeup is an extremely requirement for day to day life of women. Nowadays, even men use it to make their faces look flawless and attractive. Unlike older times when makeup was used only on special occasions. Now, it has turned into an inescapable part of our lives. For such an important item of daily use especially for women, the packaging needs to be good as well. In this blog post, I will discuss all Custom Makeup Boxes. And why they are important? Also, we will talk about how you can make your brand get an exclusive identification through the makeup boxes.

Packaging of makeup items

For retail items, appearance is everything. If you do not work on the overall look and marketing of your product. However, customers might not even notice it. But you do not have to worry. As there are inestimable options available in the market for making makeup boxes wholesale exclusively for you. You can get makeup boxes of your required sizes, and shapes. Buyers can also choose dimensions designs, and colors from the wholesale suppliers.

Requirements for makeup packaging

For making excellent quality packaging that makes its mark in the industry. You ought to meet a few basic conditions. Custom Makeup Boxes of your brand will not be good enough to sell if they do not meet the following standards.

Quality material

The quality of keeping the makeup items safe is the top priority while making custom makeup boxes. The packaging material must be able to resist any kind of harm to the product. Many of the makeup items are delicate. And thus need a strong makeup box. You should consider this factor while selecting the packaging material for your brand.

Airtight packaging

Makeup items are made carefully with the use of state-of-the-art techniques. Multiple trials, and with the use of high-quality content. It will all go to waste if the Custom Makeup Boxes are not able to retain the freshness of the contents. Being airtight with a proper seal is one of the most fundamental needs of makeup packaging. Even better if the makeup box protects and isolates from heat and water damage.

Impressive printing

The impressive printing and design are although important for any retail item, is necessary for makeup items. Makeup in itself is a means of creating art on your face and body. Therefore the custom makeup boxes should be able to reflect this quality of the makeup items. Colorful prints and designs are a great way to customize and present makeup boxes.

Recyclable material

The packaging material of makeup should not pose harm to the environment. With an increase in land and other forms of environmental pollution. There has been a lot of strain on the use of nature-friendly products. The makeup packaging boxes should be easy to recycle so that they do cause any kind of pollution.

Best options for coating and lamination

Custom Makeup Boxes should be able to reflect the properties of the items inside with eye-catching material and coating type. The following options are available for coating and lamination of makeup boxes.

Gloss finish

This is one of the most popular coating methods that is used for makeup items. You can make any background color pop out instantly with this type of coating. It gives a sheen to the color and design of the makeup boxes.

Matte finish

Matte finish is a rather dim-looking coating but that does not mean it is not impressive. Many of the top makeup brands are using matte finish for their makeup boxes. This gives a soft look and sleek design to the makeup packaging box.

Metallic lamination

Metallic lamination is available in many variations of colors and is becoming very popular for packaging makeup items. The bright and shiny appearance of the lamination is hard to ignore. It is available in copper, silver, and gold hues.

Holographic lamination

Holographic lamination is similar to metallic coating in its glowing appearance. The basic difference is the wide array of changing colors that makes this lamination look unique. When you hold and slightly turn the makeup box, it seems as if it is changing colors due to the reflective property. It is what makes it distinctive from other types of packaging.

Options for packaging material

Apart from the types of coating, you need to consider the type of packaging material that you will choose for your Custom Makeup Boxes. The packaging companies provide various options for material. However, with information from this article, you can choose the perfect material for your brand. Cardstock is one of the most common options for packaging material for all types of makeup products. Rigid is a very strong and hard material. Hence, it is suitable for luxury items. More nature-friendly options include corrugated stock and kraft material. These are not just easy to recycle but also highly sustainable.

Some major types of makeup boxes

Every makeup item must have a unique makeup box with suitable size, design, and dimensions. Here are some important types of makeup boxes for some primary makeup items that you may require.

Eyeshadow boxes

Eyeshadow boxes contain eyeshadows that are usually present inside boxes that display their beautiful and vibrant colors. Thus, the packaging boxes for eyeshadows must be able to reflect their look. The most suitable makeup boxes that fit this need are window boxes. Through window boxes, you can see the eyeshadows to have an idea of the colors.

Lipstick boxes

For Lipstick Packaging and similar items like lip gloss and lip balms, the most suitable boxes are reverse tuck end boxes. Moreover, these boxes make it easy to remove the product from the makeup box. According to the tube-like shape of the lipstick, this type of packaging is most common.

Mascara and eyeliner boxes

Mascaras and eyeliners are also found in cylindrical or tubular containers. Hence, they are mostly in liquid or creamy form. For these items, again tuck top boxes, either with straight or reverse tuck ends are most suitable.

Foundation boxes

For foundations, there are various options for packaging depending on the type of foundation. There are numerous types of foundations available these days. Such as liquid, cream, stick, and powder formula. Hence, the packaging requirements for each foundation vary.


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