Wealthy Affiliate Tools and Support System Review In 2021!

I know you have heard about Wealthy Affiliate before. It is one of the most popular training platforms out there for affiliate marketers. 

There are a lot of reviews available on the web, but here my post focus is on the Wealthy Affiliate tools and support system. 

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So, first, let’s look at the tools that are offered by the Wealthy Affiliate system:

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

Site Rubix – Website Builder

Building a website has never been more straightforward, and producing large campaigns with hundreds of pages is a breeze with SiteRubix! 

SiteRubix is their website builder tool that anyone can use to build professional-looking websites in seconds. It takes the hard work and the worry of web creation out of digital marketing.

SiteRubix makes developing a website easy, even for novices. You no longer require to know HTML, CSS, and database to build highly profitable and professional-looking websites.

SiteRubix has a choice to Drag and Drop your elements exactly where you need them. SiteRubix also covers the easy image, video, screenshot integration, built-in FTP, and operates seamlessly with web hosting. 

You can immediately publish your website within SiteRubix using the free hosting space Wealthy Affiliate offers to all members. You may also replicate your posts and websites with one click of a button to save and optimize them for a different project. No more spending for website development; SiteRubix is everything you need!

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Web Hosting

Why pay for website hosting space when you can get it free at Wealthy Affiliate? All WA members get immediate access to their web space hosted on state-of-the-art web servers. No more paying for web hosting expenses.

Web Hosting Features

  • Web Space: 5000 MB
  • Bandwidth: 500,000 visitors per month 
  • FTP Accounts: 3
  • MySQL DB: 3 PHPMyAdmin
  • Subdomains: Unlimited
  • Domains: 25 Domain

Rapid Writer – Content Generator / SEO Optimizer

Content development is one of the most valuable things that can be done to help drive traffic to a website to promote any product online. Content development is free traffic, but it can generally be a very tedious and time-consuming process to create a valuable piece of article. 

Rapid Writer takes the trouble out of producing well-written articles. It is really cutting-edge technology packed with powerful tools ready for members of Wealthy Affiliate. 

All the statistics for your content are provided to you concurrently as you type and make adjustments. RapidWriter comprises an article editor and keyword research tool.  

You can use the editor to review your word count and keyword frequencies, import private label right (PLR) articles, and edit them. RapidWriter lets you write some content (or import a PLR Article) and produces 10, 15, 25, or even 100 unique articles in just a few seconds. 

Using the capacity to create “Word Replacements,” you can click a button and produce random, fully unique articles from a single source. 

You will also receive PLR Articles monthly to change and adjust to your blogs or web pages.

seo research

Keyword Research Tool

Choosing the right keywords to boost your products is essential. All results within The Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tools, aka Jaaxy, are received from Google. 

Not only does this tool hunt for keywords that you choose, but it also searches for keywords that Google deems relevant to your initial search (Alphabet soup technique). You can use it to research many niches and finds low competitive keywords quickly.

Clickbank Research Tool

Finding quality products to sell has never been more obvious or sharper. Clickbank Research Tool enables members to do Clickbank product research in one spot quickly. 

You will also discover stats refund rate, gravity, momentum, popularity, average commission, and more so that you can determine which products are worth promoting. Find out precisely which products are HOT and which are NOT.

Competition Spy Tool

Would you like to identify exactly what your rivals are doing and seize the same keywords they are making them money? 

The competition spy tool lets you “SPY” on competitor ads on Google Ads, save your results and match them at a later date to current listings.  

Spot out which keywords are a “Hot” keyword worth advertising yourself. The Competition Spy Tool is a must-have for all digital marketers!

My-Linker is a tool to aid in optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns. My-Linker empowers you to cloak all of your affiliate links and track the clicks that each link gets from different visitors.

You can track how many visitors you are sending to your merchant affiliate pages, which links are useful, and which aren’t performing well.

This software will exceedingly help you in making informed optimization decisions for your campaigns. 

My-Linker also interacts with Google Ads and will show you exactly which keywords are worth keeping and which are wasting money.

The Best Internet Marketing Community

The Famous Wealthy Affiliate Forum

The Wealthy Affiliate forum is the most helpful part that permits notably experienced and successful Internet marketers to interact with complete beginners like I was. The many expert members will answer any issues you have.

There are a plethora of more advanced topics on the forum as well. By reading sticky posts on the Wealthy Affiliate forum, I raised my level from beginner affiliate marketer to Pro ninja affiliate marketer.

WA Space

WA Spaces is alike to Myspace for members to interact and develop networks within the Internet Marketing industry. Connections with fellow marketers can be very helpful to all parties involved.

WA Share Zone

WA Share Zone is where members can design tutorials, upload videos, share stories and add e-books (pdf format) for other Wealthy Affiliate members. Members are given a set amount of points for each post, and even one can become a sponsor. 

You will also get points for sharing tutorials and training with the community. You can be exchanged those points for USD currency, and it is paid to your WA account, which you can withdraw from your PayPal account. This will drive members to exchange their Gold with Golde, who offers value to the community.

And Much Much More…

There is a TON of knowledge and tools right in the place? It’s difficult to show you EVERYTHING that is added in Wealthy Affiliate University. NO PLACE will assist you in becoming a millionaire better than a Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Verdict:

Wealthy Affiliate is worth the expense if you would like to proceed with a career in affiliate marketing and profit you financially and in educational ways. 

Wealthy Affiliate University is the exclusive internet success community online that actually cares about your success. 

This is apparent through the weekly updates to the Wealthy Affiliate community and the newest features, services, and added tools. You will be up and running making money online as an affiliate marketer in no time with Wealthy Affiliate by your side!

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