The modern world is the world of the Internet. And the Internet at the current level of development is a wide space for various types of business. And this space is full of opportunities to attract customers. One of the easiest ways to promote your business online is through internet marketing. For example, contextual advertising, such as Google Ads services. With this platform, you can easily attract clients in your niche. And this opportunity is available even with a small budget.

Website promotion importance

Organizing your business and creating a website for it on the Internet is not enough. Such a web resource will not attract potential customers, and therefore make a profit. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in its promotion in the Internet space.



Promotion in the network will help to tell about the company to a wide audience and will allow you to find new buyers. With proper work, the web resource will enter the TOP results for search queries, which will increase coverage and traffic. Thanks to this, the company will become competitive and will be able to win the trust of customers.

But at the same time, to promote the website, you do not need to wait for an instant effect. This is a complex job, for which the webmaster or individual promotion specialist will have to perform organizational, technical and analytical measures. And at the same time, the first results of which can be assessed only after two to three months.

Although there are cases when it is possible to achieve rapid success, this is rather an exception to the rule. Website development is a lengthy process. It requires deep analysis, constant communication with the target audience and daily monitoring of competitors.

Website stability importance for website promotion

Website promotion is a vital thing for a business. It is also one of the biggest budget items. Therefore, web site owners always want their site to work as stable as possible. And it was available to the widest possible audience without problems and at high speed. After all, even the slightest problem with the website – a threat to the reputation and budget of the company. Including a threat to the budget allocated for the promotion. After all, if the web site is not working properly or is not available, the audience begins to leave it.

Website indicators vital for website promotion

The main indicators of a website’s performance are the percentage of time a web page is available (uptime) and the overall speed of loading web pages. However, search and advertising services, taking into account the standards set by Google, have been using the so-called “basic Internet metrics” since May 2021. These metrics measure aspects such as loading time, interactivity, and the visual stability of a website. And they should also be taken into account because they show the performance of a website based on real usage data and visitor experience.



Also, as mentioned earlier, it’s important to consider mobile devices. However, they must be taken into account as a priority indicator. Because Google and its algorithms use Mobile First Priority. This means that the faster your website loads on a smartphone, the higher it will rank in search engines. The same applies to advertising services.

Considering all the above, round-the-clock web site monitoring is very important for maintaining the performance of your site. After all, sometimes even a seemingly minor problem with the stability or accessibility of the website can cause a lot of problems. And if you are the owner of the web site or its webmaster, these problems will turn into a headache.

Best website monitoring tools

24/7 monitoring will allow you to avoid these problems so that your web site visitors can use your site without any problems. However, monitoring your website manually on a daily basis takes a lot of time. And to free it up, the webmaster needs to take advantage of a useful automated service.

And all you need to provide comprehensive monitoring of your site is the website monitoring platform HostTracker. This monitoring system combines a large number of different services, checks and tests. They help the webmaster find the source of problems on the website and fix them as efficiently as possible. Webmasters can visit and try some checks and tests manually. The system includes website availability checks through various Internet protocols, website loading speed, the existence of a website in the DNSBL blacklists and many other tools.



You can use this service, which is primarily designed for daily monitoring of the website 24/7. This will allow you to perform a large number of checks in a short time and at the same time. This approach will allow you to achieve maximum effect with minimal effort. This way, you can find out not only whether the website has stopped working, but also when and why. You will save your budgets and your time by diagnosing and fixing problems faster.

In case of real problems, the new website availability check system sends a message to the webmaster. The instant notification service works with all well-known messengers like Skype and Telegram. And if the webmaster is offline, the system can call or send SMS. And reports all the necessary information to the webmaster. Therefore, the webmaster can quickly find the source of the problem and fix the website.


Website content integrity checks

As an additional feature, HostTracker allows you to check the correctness of loading pages with a complex structure using the content checking service. This service also allows you to track the appearance of errors in content and problems with its loading. At its core, this system tracks the presence of specific keywords or phrases on a particular web page. That is, the system will literally check the integrity of the content on the website.

Also, this feature is capable of performing in-depth content diagnostics using GET and POST requests. The GET method more accurately checks the presence of certain keywords on a website. And the POST method allows you to diagnose forms and fields to fill in on web pages. Thanks to this you can be sure that users receiving the content in its entirety can work with the website without any problems.