They say that failing to plan is planning to fail. And this comes too true in almost any field. But what about real estate to be true? What is a house plan? And, should you be searching for architects near me for house plans, Radvi asks! Well, it indeed is the work of an architect. There are cases where it is required. Also, there are cases where it can be easily avoided. See more if you need one right now for your house. But before it, let’s learn everything about house plans and a bit around.

Here is a quick pun – architects draw much more than arches.

What is a house plan after all?

To put it simply, a house plan is the planning of everything that would happen from design to construction to completion. A House plan in general terms will define things like –

  • Dimensions of the rooms and other home elements.
  • Materials that will be used in the process.
  • Layouts of different areas and things.
  • Installation guidelines.
  • Techniques for specific processes.

Consider it as a blueprint of your building from mason and mortar to fittings and plaster. However, know that a house plan does not involve interior design. Interior Design works on shaping a structure into a home that has an appeal. It works on interior and exterior decoration from colours to lighting, flooring, decor, automation, plantation, etc. This is the work of an Interior Designer and gets handled thus. It is always good to hire an interior designer at the earliest stages. Doing this lets the designer coordinate with the architect and builder to work things out according to the plan and give some valuable input.

But this is not all about house plans. You surely would want to know about what all does it include.

Things that architects do in a floor plan!

The work of architects, as most people believe, is not just to sketch some outlines. We all feel at some point that even we can draw where we want rooms and all. It is the ignorance that makes us think so. An architect does not just draw the spatial dimensions, but an architect imagines the complete home before it is built. There are so many things that one considers:

  • Ease of human traffic flow (that walking through home is easy)
  • The structure is strong and can withstand calamities.
  • The map is made so that there is proper air circulation.
  • Where to put the doors and windows for natural light.
  • Site Plan that tells where the home will be within a given boundary.
  • House Plan is an overhead/hawkeyed view of the complete house.
  • Elevations, section cuts, framing, etc.
  • Detailed drawings of shelves, stairs, alcoves, columns, mouldings, etc.
  • Proper fitting layout for electrical wires, plumbing pipes, gutters, and other things.
  • Drawing of where the sockets will be, outlets will be, switches, fixtures, etc.

These are a few of the many things that go within the plan. Depending upon what the experience of the architect is and what services are you taking, the charges might differ. Whenever you search for Architects near me for house plans, Radvi says, look for quality and experience. Ask the company what all will it offer and how will it be charging. What will be the guarantee against setbacks?

So, now you know what a house plan is. But do you really need one?

Do you really need a house plan?

Well, if you have a piece of land and you are planning to build a home, then you really do require a house plan. The only time when you might be able to do without it is when you have a smaller space. Smaller spaces often get built without a proper house plan because complexities are less.

But if you have a larger space to be built from scratch, it becomes necessary to have a house plan. It is a blueprint of where things will be and how these things will be done. IT helps everybody from interior designers to builders. Without it the task of construction becomes impossible (unless the builder is in god-mode). Here are all the benefits that having a house plan offers –

Benefits of having a house plan!

  • Having a house plan helps in avoiding construction errors. These errors can easily cost huge sums and time and peace indeed. If you look wisely, the cost spent on house plans always stays much lower than what people pay to treat the construction errors. It is like going on a mission without knowing anything about what do you actually want.
  • It helps you imaging and make changes as per the requirement beforehand. Without a house plan you have no option but to build what you have in mind. Most often, the end result always remains a little different than what people imagine. If you do no like the end result, you might end up cursing yourself. While in a house plan you can imagine and make as many changes as you want to visualise your home. There are software that also provide 3D maps of houses.
  • With a house plan you can decide everything from construction material to even furniture. This can help you have an idea of the overall budget and make required changes. While without a house plan you might end up shooting your overall budget.
  • A house plan provides proper construction guidelines for the whole process. It helps builders to know how to lead the project towards its destination. Furthermore, it also helps the interior designer have an idea about where things are. This way the designer plans the interior and exterior accordingly. The best way possible is to hire a company that offers all these services under one roof. It helps in proper coordination as the experts will be well known to each other and the way they work.

These are all the benefits that having a house plan offers to a person. There are states that makes it compulsory to have a house plan too. It really is less about money and more about getting your house built towards perfection. Homes do not get built again and again in our lives. We look towards them once and with hope in our eyes. If you are searching for architects near me for house plans, Radvi is your name. See more about how it can help you have the home caressed with love and grace.