X570 Motherboard

The faster PCIe4.0 lanes and the improved CPU power delivery X570 motherboards offer a performance advantage but come with a higher power draw. MSI estimated that an average X470 board consumes around 6W, while boards running on X570 require around 11W.

New Generation Ascends with MSI X570 Motherboards. We offer more options for content creation and office usage, which are not only targeted at enthusiast gamers but also cater to all types PC users. We carefully curated a wide range of technology and features that will help you create immersive experiences and optimize your performance.

Frozr Heatsink Design

MSI X570 motherboards support the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen(tm) processors’ advanced performance algorithms. They use high-end thermal solutions with Frozr Heatsink Design. This incorporates the heatsink with a fan with double bearings for greater durability. It is combined with Propeller Blade Technology to generate higher airflow, less noise, and Zero Frozr Technology that can auto-adjust fan speed to chipset temperature and based on individual preference.

Lightning Gen4 Solution

All MSI x570 motherboard are equipped with the most recent PCIe 4.0 technology to support PCIe peripherals as well as M.2 storage slots. Lightning Gen4 M.2 slots support 64 GB/s bandwidth, and offer faster transfer speeds than ever before. M.2 Shield Frozr is used to cool M.2 devices in high-performance conditions. This helps prevent throttling.

Core Boost using IR digital VRM

Core Boost technology is a well-known MSI feature. It supports multi-core CPUs and creates the ideal conditions for CPU overclocking. This combination of IR digital power design and all MSI X570 motherboards with dual 8pin power connectors ensures a more stable and reliable system.

Server Grade PCB

Server grade PCB construction is designed to prevent PCB bend and increase signal transfer efficiency by up to 30%. This ensures reliable, long-lasting system performance.

AMD’s product warranty doesn’t cover overclocking-related damages, regardless of whether overclocking is enabled by AMD hardware or software. GD-26

Dragon Center

To increase versatility on all devices, the brand new Dragon Center adopted Universal Windows Platform functionality (UWP). A new, intuitive and user-friendly interface provides a better experience. All MSI software products can be integrated into Dragon Center. Users will find the information they require in Dragon Center and sync all MSI products simultaneously.

Clix’s Fortnite settings & keybinds

Cody “Clix”, Conrod was one of the youngest players at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup finals. The 15-year-old placed 18th in solos, and 35th for duos. His results were remarkable considering it was his first LAN experience.

Fortnite is one of the most difficult battle royale games available. You can only be naturally gifted if you practice every day. Pros train regularly with their settings until they feel comfortable.

You can emulate clix fortnite settings by starting with his settings. We’ve got you covered.

Clix’s video settings

Clix values a high FPS to ensure his game runs smoothly even in crowded areas. Clix keeps his viewing distance at Medium because player rendering distance is fixed. It does not affect your ability to see buildings and loot.

Windowed Mode: Fullscreen

Resolution: 1920×1080

Frame Rate Limit: 240 FPS

Brightness: 90%

Colorblind Mode / Strength Tritanope: 10.

Interface Contrast 1x

View Distance: Medium

Anti-Aliasing: Off

Textures: Low

Post Processing: Low

Effects: Low 

Shadows: Off

VSync: Off

Motion Blur Off

Multithreaded rendering: Allow on

Clix’s mouse settings

DPI: 800

X-Axis Sensitivity 8.7 percent

Y-Axis Sensitivity 6.3 percent

Polling Rate: 500Hz

Sensitivity Targeting: 90.9 percent

Clix keybinds

Clix mainly uses the default keys for movement. Clix has made some changes to his building keys. His Wall and Rotate Building Piece hotkeys are the most noticeable additions. They seem closer to his movement keys, making it easier to access them.

Wall: F 

Floor: X

Stairs: Q

Pyramid: V

Trap T

Use E

Crouch: C

Inventory: I

Map: M

Reload / Rotate Building Piece: M

Building Edit: G/Mouse Wheel Down

On Release: Confirm Edit

Harvesting Tool: 1

Weapon Slot 1: 2

Weapon Slot 2: 3

Weapon Slot 3: 4

Weapon Slot 4: 5

Weapon Slot 5: 6

Spring by default: On

HUD Scale: 96%