Having a cavity is worse and when you come to know that you have it in your front teeth, it is the worst as it is highly visible. Now, you have to visit a Dentist in Ottawa and understand how is going to treat it.

Common Locations Of Cavities

Front teeth are easy to access for toothbrushes as well as floss so they are less prone to cavities. The problem is for moral and pre-molar as they are located at the back of your mouth and difficult to reach. These teeth have grooves and pits which collect food particles. However, any tooth in the mouth can have cavities.

The Main Reasons For Front Teeth Cavities Are – 

We just learned that the chances of getting cavities in back teeth are more. However, there are some cases where children do get cavities in the front teeth. The reason that came out after the research is the usage of bottles or consuming sugary drinks at night for long durations. In the daytime, the damage caused by these beverages is known as baby bottle tooth decay. 

It is important to know that these cavities are not limited to the kids even adults can get them if they do not follow proper oral hygiene like brushing twice and flossing once. The risk is even higher if you consume excessive foods and drinks.

Options For Treatment –

Treatment of cavities at the proper time is important so that they can be prevented from getting worse. Cavities in front teeth are treated in the same way as other parts. The most common technique is filling. Cavities are removed along with decayed portions and then fill it with strong restorative material. 

They often use tooth-colored fillings so that they look like natural ones. The most common material used for the same is acrylic, acids, or resins and the best part of this treatment is that it only takes one appointment.

The other cosmetic issues that arise from cavities can be corrected by using a crown, a tooth-shaped white-colored restoration over the tooth. Another method is using veneers which include a thin piece of porcelain bonded to the front surface of the tooth. This can also be matched with natural teeth and often requires more than two or more dental visits. A dentist of yours will help in selecting the best option for you and can customize it according to your requirement.

Prevention Of Tooth Decay-

Getting cavities in your mouth at any age is worst so it is better to follow a few steps which can help you in keeping your teeth away from cavities. Some of them are-

  • Oral Hygiene-

It is important to maintain good oral hygiene despite age. You should brush your teeth twice with good quality fluoride toothpaste and floss once daily.

  • Balanced Diet-

Try to have a balanced diet. Consumption of excessive sugary drinks and food can harm your teeth.

  • Regular Dentist Visit-

It is compulsory to visit your dentist twice a year so that oral health can be maintained and if any treatment is needed, it can be done on time.When you notice that you have developed cavities in your or your child’s mouth, visit the dentist at Tooth Decay Ottawa urgently so that they can be treated on time, and by taking precautions you can reduce the chances of your tooth decay and help your family to maintain healthy smiles.

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