What are the Dangers of Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are the abnormally big sized and tortuous veins that can be seen just beneath the skin surface.  Though these twisted and bulging veins can appear anywhere in the body, they are most common to develop on the lower body. 

Excessive pressure on the lower body, due to factors such as obesity and pregnancy are contributory to the formation or worsening of varicose veins. The damaged valves of such veins are unable to keep the blood flowing and it starts to gradually pool inside the damaged veins. Hence, varicose veins are swollen, dark coloured and twisted.

Even this crisp introduction about varicose veins is enough to indicate the medical seriousness of varicose veins. Thus, it is clear that varicose veins are not just a simple and negligible cosmetic issue. These awfully large veins, raised above the skin surface require proper treatment otherwise there are certain dangers to the health.

Dangers of varicose veins when not treated for a prolonged time

Aggravation of the symptoms- Delaying varicose veins treatment can cause the varicose veins to grow worse. Consequently, the symptoms also tend to aggravate and you may find yourself experiencing a more severe pain, cramping, swelling and itching in the area of the legs around the affected veins.

Bursting of the swollen veins- As time passes, the volume of blood pooled up inside the veins increases continuously. This puts more and more pressure on the walls of the veins and after a pressure limit, the walls can collapse and the vein can rupture. This can lead to bleeding and blood leakage to the surrounding tissues.

Hardening of the skin and infections- The excess strain due to prolonged varicose veins can cause the nearby skin tissues to overstretch. Due to this, the skin becomes harder and stiffer. As a result, the risk of infections on the skin increases.

Formation of ulcers in the affected veins- The excessive strain due to the blood pooling can cause pressure to build up on the vein walls and the skin tissues. This can lead to the formation of open sores and these sores can easily become ulcerated. You may even notice pus-discharge from these ulcers.

Blood clot formation ithrombophlebitis)- Thrombophlebitis is another common complication associated with unattended varicose veins. Due to prolonged proximity, the blood cells (platelets especially) tend to clump together and form clots. If the blood clots form in the deeper veins, it is called deep vein thrombosis. These blood clots need to be treated timely otherwise they can break free to the bloodstream and even have life-threatening implications.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin- Long standing varicose veins can cause the blood to leak into the neighbouring tissues. This is certainly very painful and the blood leakage makes the skin look dark or hyperpigmented. Hence, this condition is medically known as hyperpigmentation. 

Timely care and treatment can prevent these dangers of varicose veins

Varicose veins can be quite discomforting but attending to the early signs of varicose veins can save you from having to go through any serious complications. Early diagnosis can make the treatment process a lot simpler and quicker for you. You can easily say goodbye to the symptoms and dangers of varicose veins by undergoing the advanced laser treatment.

Yes, it is the most reliable treatment in comparison to other surgical and non-surgical treatments of varicose veins. Laser surgery for varicose veins is a high precision procedure in which the surgeon shuts off the flow of blood through the affected veins with the help of laser energy. This ensures that the blood will flow only through the healthy veins and thus resolves the problem of varicose veins permanently.

Laser varicose veins treatment is an absolutely painless surgery that takes up only 30-45 minutes to complete. And you can head back home on the same day itself. Therefore, you can get rid of varicose veins effectively in just one day, that too without any hassle.

Added advantages of varicose veins laser treatment 

  • Fast and smooth recovery in just 2-3 days
  • No long term restrictions for the patient
  • No wounds, stitches and scars left behind
  • Nil chances of recurrence
  • Zero chances of complications or infections

If you are noticing the signs and symptoms of varicose veins and are looking for an experienced doctor to consult, get in touch with Pristyn Care. They are one of the fastest growing healthcare provider chains in the country and house some of the best vascular specialists all across India. To consult one of their specialists, you can book your appointment online and once through with the diagnosis, you can undergo the treatment at one of Pristyn Care’s partner hospitals.

Final Words

During the initial stage, varicose veins might only cause mild discomforts. But the pesky nature of varicose veins does not easily make them disappear on their own and the symptoms only get severe with time.  Therefore, it is crucial to keep a regular check and be mindful of any abnormal symptom related to varicose veins. The sooner the condition is detected, the lesser are the discomforts to endure. Thankfully, it is the laser treatment that can cure even severe varicose veins with high effectiveness in a painless manner. So, if you have been on the lookout for the permanent riddance from varicose veins, the choice is clear for you. 

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