Various materials are used for the production of advertising signs. One such material is APC. In the recent past, it was more popular in the construction industry. It was used as a facing material for facades and interior decoration. APC is currently used in the production of advertising structures. Make alupanel signs. In this post, sign makers have discussed many of the benefits. These are the characteristics that make it possible to make durable advertising structures.

What is this material? A layer of polymer filler is located between the two painted aluminum sheets. The layers are interconnected by a special technology that does not allow the material to delaminate. The outer coating of APC is often anti-corrosive, which greatly improves the material’s resistance to external influences.

APC signage is highly rigid. They perfectly withstand shocks and possible mechanical damage. Resistant to wind loads despite its low weight. APC weighs about 4 times less than steel sheets. The material has a very smooth surface. It should be noted that APC comes in a variety of thicknesses. Depending on the purpose of application, the most suitable thickness can be selected.

If you order alucobond sign board, then such a sign can be used at different ambient temperatures. The design will not deteriorate in a very wide temperature range – from -50 to +80 degrees. Of course, this is important, since signs often have to be, for example, in direct sunlight. In winter, they have to withstand the harsh effects of frost, as the signs are installed outside. Therefore, they must be resistant to high and low temperatures in order to serve for a long time. And it is APC that does the job well.