What are the rules of essay writing?

Essay writing can easily intimidate any student who is not used to creative writing on a daily or regular basis. However, once you know the basic rules for an essay, the rest is easy. One basic structure for essay writing or any form of creative writing is to have an appropriate beginning, a middle and an end, in other words the Aristotle concept of any piece of writing.

Choosing a topic for your essay

First step towards writing an essay is to choose a suitable topic on which you have adequate information and can write at length. It also helps to narrow down your field and scope. Specify what you are going to discuss and do not take up a topic which is so expansive that it is hard to cover it in the word limit of the essay. Once it is chosen, do not give a title directly rather complete the essay first and later put a title on it. That way you would know what is the most important aspect of any same day essay which can be turned into a title to introduce the essay to a reader.

Drawing a Mind Map

After choosing a suitable topic, it is advised to form a rough sketch or what we call as “a mind map” of all the main points that come to your mind regarding that topic. It is a very good practice as it gives you a head start and an outlook on what your essay is going to look like. You can also decide what points should come first and what should come by the end of the essay. Know about the Full Form Of IXPRL.

Formatting your Essay

There are multiple parts to your essay, and you need to fill in for all of these sections to make sure that your essay’s content is formatted properly.


An appropriate beginning or an introduction is very important for an essay as it gives the first impression of what is going to follow. The beginning should include a summarized introduction of what is to follow which is long enough to help the reader understand what the essay is about but not too long as to give away the crux of the essay.

Body Paragraph

The middle is basically the main body of the essay. It includes the core of the topic under discussion. Students should be focused on explaining and interpreting the topic in detail so as to help the reader understand it in-depth.


Bringing the whole discussion to an end in a manner in which the reader cannot identify the exact point where you shifted from middle to end is characteristic of a student proficient in essay writing.

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